Gambling and crushes

October 4, 2013 at 1:00am

Mazlyn Mustapha

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Earlier today I saw Runner Runner and was about to write a review but changed my mind after having a chat with a friend. The reason? My friend said I always give away the ending. Is this true? I vehemently disagreed of course, stating that if I do, I always give a warning.

And so, I have decided against writing the review. But then again, it was a good movie, I enjoyed myself and so I will write….

Disclaimer: if you haven’t seen the movie and plan to do so then skip reading part 1 and go to part 2 (after the *****).

I am not a fan of Justin Timberlake. Not that I hate him or anything, I am just not a fan and so I believe my review of the movie is pretty non-biased. It is a movie about gamblers and gambling, instead of the traditional brick and mortar casinos, in this movie, the industry has evolved like everything else into the cyber realm and is doing pretty good.

Justin (I’m not sure what he is called in the movie) gambled away all his savings on such a facility and decides he was cheated. He proceeds to inform the owner, Ivan. Ivan, as you can imagine any owner of the ‘house’, is a very wealthy and influential, and not to mention, bad guy who likes crocodiles.

The plot thickens with poultry fat and things become interesting. I kind of like the ending but it felt a bit anti-climax. Plus there was a certain part of me that just cant believe that the pilot can be bought so easily. Its like the 2 Guns, how on two separate accounts the bad guys just let them go like that. In real life they are so dead. It just doesn’t make sense.


I received an interesting text message and had a chat with a friend asking for advice on how to overcome a “facebook crush”. I have no idea why this friend decided to ask for my advice but being a friend I tried to help.

My friend wanted to know whether it would be a good idea to unfriend this person or deactivate.

You see, my friend is happily married and said “this is not supposed to happen”. I agreed but did not judge. It just happens. Of course the advice would be very different if both were single and searching, but that was not the case.

I gave my honest opinion. If it is just a crush, one sided and the other person is unaware, then just enjoy it. Being on cloud 9 has its pros, you feel ‘high’ and tell me, what is the harm? It’s like my chocolate addiction, I just feed it when and as necessary. I’m happy, the chocolate is eaten. Soon, people get bored and life will go back to normal.

If on the other hand, there is a possibility of things getting out of hand, it’s probably a good idea to unfriend, even if just temporarily until emotions subside.

My friend wasn’t too comfortable with the idea, my friend was concerned that by doing so, others would notice. In that case then, don’t unfriend. Better to follow Plan A.

I’m not sure what happens when an account is deactivated. I am a fulltime-facebooker so I could never imagine that happening, let alone ask someone else to do it.

Another alternative, plan D is to meet up with the crush. As insane as it sounds, a crush often develops from a ‘perfect picture or rather illusion’ of a person that develops in ones mind. Meeting in person could give a more accurate picture of the person, however, I must warn that this may backfire if the person is really drop dead gorgeous.

Curious to know of anyone else’s experience and whether there is better advice out there.

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  • Taqi Azy Dunno if plan A is a good idea? Unlike chocolate, it involves the individual’s heart in which one should make effort to preserve its purity.

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  • Zammelal Abdullah Sani Fuh, as long as not bladerunner

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