October 4, 2013 at 12:53am

Who would have known it was so difficult to visit prison?

A friend of mine told me once not too long ago, “Mazlyn, you have to learn to write in a way that will not result in going to prison”.

“Sure” I said, “but then, going to prison isn’t all that bad right?” I asked rather innocently. “It’s a kind of bad publicity” I was thinking, “but it’s better than no publicity, right?”

I searched my f…riends eyes, I can see my friend was deliberately slow to answer. “Well, it’s not good when you have small children”.

I didn’t disagree, but my main concern was this: “Is there facebook in prison?”

Any ways…

Then there are all those prison-themed movies, like Shawshank Redemption and the Rock. I prefer the Rock because it was a bit funny, SR was very dark. But both were great movies. And there’s one coming up with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘Escape Plan’, that I am SO looking forward to. Not that prison movies are my favourite, my all-time favourite movies are actually (tied at first place) Aliens and Titanic, two is Avatar, Kill Bill 2 and The Last Airbender, and at third place is The Dark Knight and last years Spiderman. The best most recent ones would be Malavita, 2 Guns and Kick Ass2, even the Internship was fun.

Now back to prison…

A few days ago I was attending a forum by complete accident (yes, I believe there are no such things as accidents), and there was a person at my table who was from prison, and I was so excited! I thought “Yes! Law of attraction at work”, this must be my ticket to prison visit.

I made sure I got a contact; I got the email but have not contacted this person just yet. I even asked at the table in front of about 10 other strangers “I’ve always wanted to visit prison, can I?” and the prison staff said “Yes”. I almost jumped yay! Then I thought later, what was everyone else thinking? I didn’t even look, all I cared was I now have the contact, and I’ll be visiting soon. I asked “What do I need to do?” and it sounded pretty straightforward.

Then another friend tells me this friend has a ‘prison clinic’. I thought ‘wow, even better’.

Another item to tick off my bucket list soon. And I thought all one needed to do to visit prison was commit a crime. Duh!

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  • Henry Joseph Usau There are two places in the world that aren’t difficult to find or locate even if one is a complete stranger to a certain place: first, the police station and the other is the prison.

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  • Peggy Tan Mazlyn Mustapha did u watch the Green Mile? That is te best prison themed movie i ever watched.2nd is Primal Fear

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  • Lavanya WinBright so…wen’s the big day?

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  • Mazlyn Mustapha Yes I did, ‘we are all, walking the mile’ LOL

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  • Mazlyn Mustapha You’ll find out after it’s happened Lavanya, I don’t give real time updates cos I’m paranoid remember 😛

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  • Lavanya WinBright haha…hope i m not too bz wen it happens, so tat i can read the account. vry intrstng

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  • Mazlyn Mustapha I’ll tag you 🙂

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  • Chong Wei Min Jeffrey Archer wrote a million words his first year in prison.

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  • Khairunniza Mohd Sarkawi Maybe you want to go to a spa handled by prisoners in kajang

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  • Felicia Ng Many great people have been jailed before, Mandela to name one.

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