Today was an eventful day. After one week break from running due to unbearable knee pain (both sides), I’m back at 13 km, HM is less than two weeks away. I have already mentally committed to the Penang Marathon in November, so whatever happens 19th October, I’m ok.
Then I rushed to meet Ima Suhaili, just in the nick of time. After some re-strategizing, we set a new goal for ourselves and I for on…e am looking forward. Let me know when swimming lessons start Ima.
Then I went home, had lunch and was back out at a seminar. I was invited to speak on the subject of nutrition, fish oil supplement to be exact. I tried to make it short and sweet, and most importantly, relevant. Not too detailed because no one will remember anyway.
I was very impressed to see the room full of people and the other speakers were so amazing and successful, I felt like I didn’t belong. Then it was my turn to speak and the microphones kept having technical problems, thankfully there was technical support.
Not surprising, in a room with about 100-150 adults, half exercised the recommended 30 minutes per day or alternate day, and only three out of the whole room ate nine servings of fruit and or vegetables per day (myself not included).
After my short presentation (was it too short I wondered), there were quite a few questions from the floor, and several of them were very good questions.
One I can’t forget was, since omega 3 fatty acids need to be consumed from fish and the plant source is not sufficient because it is not adequately transformed by the body, does that mean that vegetarians need to eat fish oil? Based on what I had read, my answer would be yes, but I am not sure what vegetarian rules are. Appreciate if anyone who knows any better can share their views. Thanks! — with Nitahain Hashim Kamal and 12 others.See More