*How to tell if someone is fake* (This is going to freak out some of my friends but trust me, I do this all the time and for a good purpose).
X: hey, good morning to you and thanks so much for accepting me as a friend
me: your welcome, im mazlyn, im a doctor
X: great, tell me more about your self (usually, a normal person will introduce themselves briefly, for example I am X and I am a writer)….
me: you first (testing the waters here)
X: sure i will (takes sometime to answer, copy paste from a script possibly?) its nice to meet you too and i am glad to read from you. i am safak by name from poland, divorced with 2kids , i live in queens NY.. and work with a gas company, so would you mind to tell me more about your self now (classic, status would be divorced with kids to gain maximum empathy, Caucasian – supposedly wealthy and good looking: sorry being stereotypical for the purpose of crime fighting only, works in oil and gas – can it be any more obvious than that, and another characteristic – pushy and wants you to do the talking)
Before I report them to facebook, I will warn all their ‘friends’ first. And then unfriend them. I just cant help myself.See More