I am honoured to be invited by Bernard Loh and his team at Perfect Fit to give a talk as a guest speaker for the teams Health Series in October.
My preferred dates are either 3rd or 10th October, 17th is possible but third choice, on the 24th I’m attending a Diabetes Conference.
Here are the brief details of my talk: Topic: Obesity, the global epidemic of the 20th century. Contents of the t…alk: Why being obese is worse than being a cigarette smoker or alcohol abuser. Malaysia is the 6th most obese country in Asia after Middle Eastern counterparts. What we can do to help ourselves and help others combat this epidemic.
Venue, time and other details are to be confirmed.
I invite anyone who is interested to attend the talk to email me at mazlynm@yahoo.co.uk
Briefly, this is my background: MB BCh BAO 2002 Trinity College Dublin. Intership 2002-3 St James Tertiary referral hospital, Dublin. Medical scheme in hospitals in Dublin and the surrounding county 2003-6. MRCP (Ireland) 2007. USM physiology lecturer & Obesity Clinic physician at HUSM 2007-10. USIM visiting lecturer 2010. Taylors University physiology lecturer & gen med physician 2010-12. Health screening private practise Jan-June 2012.
Hope this is enough Bernard and thanks again for giving me the opportunity. Other doctors who would like to give any talks related to health are welcomed to do so. — feeling honored.See More