22nd June 2013 was a very special day. I received my first, official, fan mail
As if by telepathy, a friend decided to private message me describing how she had almost completely abandoned facebook after 5th May 2013 because things had turned very bleak. Apparently, it was my ‘status updates’ that made her seriously re-think that decision (to say that I am not flattered, would be an understateme…nt).
It was coincidentally the same day I considered temporarily ceasing all writing @my facebook wall, since I have other pressing needs, an upcoming MBA exam that I have much to prepare for, following that will be a full week of work plus MBA classes (new module; financial analysis statement) and ending with the beginning of Ramadhan
Of course I didn’t mention any of the above to my friend. Instead, I thanked her sincerely for her genuine kind words, and told her that (much to my surprise) other friends too have commented the same although some choose to do it in public on my facebook wall, others have also private messaged me to share how much they have enjoyed my writings, and are asking me to please continue doing so as it yields a pleasurable experience.
This is an unexpected side-effect. I had read and been told many times that everyone has special talents and gifts that they are drawn to, something they are naturally better at that than others, gifts that if not used and developed are depriving the world of some benefit, and when we finally succumb to our calling, doing so is effortless, and yet the results will be profound. To all my friends out there who are still in search of their life purpose, keep going. God definitely works in mysterious ways.
In other words, I’d like to say, I’ve enjoyed writing on my facebook wall just as much as, if not more than, the pleasure others have enjoyed reading my posts, however, due to the current hazy situation and other pressing needs, I might have to temporarily cease all creative writing activity (if there is such a thing as a medical cert for a facebook wall writer), until further notice.
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  • Roza Howton You just validated my “glass is always half full” view. Thank you for writing! It warms the heart to have status updates with quality content 🙂

    Keep on writing! Let us know when you publish a book, because you’ll have a line forming for autographs 🙂

  • Jamel Othman Je ne savais pas que tu as un talent tres extraordinaire comme un ecrivain! Apparement , quand on etait a tyrrelstown, je te vois comme une personne timite, parle pas beaucoup!
    Tres plaisirs de lire ton fb et
    Bon continuation…
    (additional homework for you: use google french english pls)
  • Santharathas Muthusamy gud mg  dr mas we have to decide certain things for which we are comitted ur in the right path of authecity n responsibility