A few days ago, a third or fourth person gave the same comment, “you should blog”. I thought about it for a few seconds and brushed off the idea. I can’t blog and write on my facebook wall at the same time. I only have 24hours a day like everyone else. I need to use my time wisely. Even though I am working part-time at the moment and a friend just called me ‘lady of leisure’ on the phone earlier today, (how nice yet highly inaccurate, I thought to myself), I still find myself struggling getting everything done, MBA assignment is still pending and my Book #1 is still not complete.
Being a writer on my facebook wall has opened so many doors for me, I am not sure that being a blogger of my blog would have created the same circumstances. I don’t even know how to begin to describe what has happened in particular these past few months, starting from the 6th May 2013. I had read somewhere, someone made a remark, ‘read the writing on the facebook wall’ and I thought, wow, that’s it. I’m going to write on my facebook wall and so I became a writer.
Truth is, I have always wanted to write, I love reading other people’s writings, and I always dreamt of writing a book. The problem was I didn’t know what to write about. So it became very easy because I now had a reason to write, but then, I didn’t know where to start.
So I just used the status updates to write. And it began that way, just updates of daily happenings, some incident, some event, some chat with a friend, that I could use to drive home a point. I told stories in the beginning, based on real conversations that I had with friends. My early writings were well received and I started to gather a reading audience of some sort.
A mixture of people I knew and people I didn’t know, left comments on wall, on a daily basis. I made new friends and maintained connection with old friends. It was exciting. But then some incidents took place, and I had to redefine what a facebook friend meant, because a facebook friend is not the same as a non-facebook friend.
Before there was facebook, the only way a person would be considered a friend, was when we had something in common, and we would have met at least once in the real world. Maybe friends from school or from work or mutual friends of friends, whatever. But the idea of a friend, was someone you have a relationship with, the degree of closeness can vary widely between different friends, but in general it is a positive relationship with some common ground. And the there is facebook, and I mistakenly thought that a real-world friend is the same as a facebook friend. Boy was I in for a rude awakening. Obviously, it is not the same.
So what is a facebook friend? A facebook friend is another person or account on facebook, who may or may not even be the same person he/she is portraying to be on facebook, who has decided to add you as a friend or accepted your invitation. That’s basically it. The facebook friend may or may not be real, may or may not have met you before, may or may not have anything in common, and the truth is, the ‘facebook only friend’ is much easier than the real-life friend, to suddenly turn against you and become a facebook enemy.
I don’t have any research to back up my findings, but it was experiential learning on my account, and so, I have adapted a rather detached approach to new facebook friends, whom I have yet to meet face-to-face. That way, it doesn’t hurt when a facebook friend decides for whatever reason, to unfriend or block. It’s similar to the training in medical school, you are advised not to be too close to patients to the extent that their death for example, will affect you or your work.
In the earliest days of my writing, it was all real, based on actual events and real conversations with friends. After some time, I started to become creative and made fictional stories between myself and an imaginary friend, and no one noticed. Everyone assumed that it was real. This gave me more power, I could write about anything, and people just assumed, based on their comments, that it was real. It was strange to me, but I learnt that I could use my writings in creative ways to draw attention to issues that were important.
And so it continues. Through the network of facebook friends I have developed, in the past few weeks I was on TV, in the media, and in the Parliament. I have assisted charities, research collaborations, NGO’s and various others mainly through advertising on my facebook wall. I am looking forward to the future and what lies ahead. I try to blog, but its just not the same. — feeling great.See More