4.30am: Woke up before alarm. Wanted to study for MBA exam. Made a resolution; less facebook until after exam.
8.00am: Sleepy after reading lecture notes. Take a short nap. Kids waking up since no school. Short conversation with Haris (the middle child; names have been changed to protect privacy).
Haris: Mummy, why is there no school today?
Mummy: Haris, it’s because of the haze.
Haris: Why?
Mummy: The haze is poisonous. Better to stay at home.
Haris: Are you sure….can you call the teacher and ask?
Mummy: (thinking to myself; I didn’t know middle child syndrome was genetic!)
9.00am: Here I am on facebook. I guess I’m addicted. Can some of my doctor friends please prescribe something. TQ.