Wow, that was one of the darkest movies I have ever seen or what.
DISCLAIMER: Now before anyone else complains, please stop reading this if you want to see Escape Plan. If however, you love spoilers, then please, go ahead and read but don’t complain.
This is what I loved about the movie:
During the first riot I was thinking, hey, I kind of love prison movies, since a few months ago I’ve even fantasized about what being in prison might be like, then I thought of all my favourite prison-themed movies and this hit me: why are there no ladies prison movie? This must be gender discrimination to the highest order. I mean think about it: Shawshank redemption Walking the mile The rock
Am I missing something or maybe I haven’t seen the ladies prison movie. Ah well.
This is the second part I love most about the movie:
The doctor. Yes there was a doctor on board and yes, he did say the oath at some point. You know, the primum non nocere/first do no harm bla3. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a very important oath but I have seen too many people turn back on it. Plus, why should the oath only apply to patients? Shouldn’t it apply to everyone we meet?
And yes, at least in comparison to the Brad Pitt Zombie movie where the virologist falls down and kills himself with a gun (how insulting is that to a doctor in the audience, virologist or non-virologist) prematurely, at least, the very least, the prison doctor in this prison movie delivers. Thank you for that.
This part I really liked too:
Nearing the end I was wondering quietly to myself, what is the conclusion really? Now we all know that Breslin aka Prontos/4th musketeer was a good guy right. But then he just made a coalition with Rottmayer, who is theorectically a bad guy, or is he a good guy? Javed was supposedly good or was he bad? And it turns out that Rottmayer was a code name. I didn’t see that coming. Twisted indeed.
So my conclusion now that I have spoilt it completely? 9/10, a bit too violent at times. Definitely somewhat discriminating towards women.
In comparison to the Purge, which was equally sick yet more entertaining, the Purge was only theoretical you see, where as the prison might actually exist as I write this. That’s makes it kind of scary.
Thanks Dr Ilias, I think I’ve changed my mind about the prison visit. — with Ilias Yee.See More