Last night, as I sat at the sushi restaurant with my 10 year old son, I had another “status update at my facebook wall” moment. It dawned on me how children are naturals at sales and marketing, without having to attend business school, seminars or training of any kind.
Yusuf had been pestering me for sometime to take him out for sushi. Both parents guilty of ‘lacking in adventure skills’ when it… comes to trying new food, I found myself the ‘volunteer parent’. I also read in parenting book (I think; it could have easily been a parenting website) that parents should date their children, especially when there is more than one. In last nights case it was easy, the other two children were not very keen on eating sushi either.
As I stared at the menu and the food rotating on the conveyor belt, I thought to myself, “I should have asked someone to recommend a  restaurant AND a menu for beginners”. It turned out to be a nice bonding experience with my son, although I’ll stick to my previous conviction; I’m not a great fan of sushi…See More