Breakfast: Two pieces of roti canai (fried bread) and the tarik (tea with condensed milk).
I think I’ll write first. There must be a conspiracy to make me fat here.
While jogging this morning and enjoying the fresh air, I thought I would write about overcoming prejudices.
Not too long ago, when I discovered I had prejudices against people who had HIV, who were drug abusers, criminals etc, I decided I had to something about it.
First, I asked a friend:
Me: How do you overcome prejudice? Your patients are mostly HIV positive.
Friend: I never had any (prejudices).
That made me think, where did this prejudice of mine come from? Was it my upbringing? The people around me? The school I attended? The media? I’m not sure.
One of the advantages of facebook is, we can be friends with people without actually seeing them. Well, it could be disadvantage too, depending on the context.
Without knowing it in the beginning, I had befriended a patient (not mine, a patient of a colleague) who decided early in the friendship to share the information with me. I was taken by surprise, I will not lie. But it changed everything. I realised they were human, just like everyone else. And just like that, I no longer had any prejudice against HIV patients.
This might be hard for the reading audience to learn, but the fact is, many doctors are prejudiced and I was one of them only until recently.
My point is, befriending people who belong to the group we are prejudiced against, will help to overcome the prejudice.
It has worked for me, I’m not sure of there are any other methods, please share your experience.See More
  • Shi Han R u sure teh tarik is using condensed milk… nowadays they use creamer..
  • Jim Loi my breakfast every morning……a glass of Kopi Ais…….errr…that’s it…..
  • Husyairi Harunarashid Overcoming prejudice takes a toll on your conscience. It is a guilt trip all the way until acceptance. Hence tackle one at a time
  • Charlie Leong · Friends with Bee Yin Yeo and 2 others

    Of late, Singapore has a alarming increase of HIV among senior citizens ……it publish in d local Chinese paper. I was in Geylang three weeks ago, and OMG the whole area is full of china citizens. Geylang is d red light area…….me n my siblings stay in a hotel,in d area, we went there to attend a funeral. Just log on YouTube of Geylang, you will know what I mean.

    So HIV is spreading in country who is very open to sex.

  • Thava Malar There’s no more milk in condensed milk.
  • Andy Lam Welcome to DAP family.
  • Syed Zulkifli Zakaria That is about HIV. What about prejudice to the Syiah’s belief Mazlyn Mustapha?
  • Thava Malar If we remember that we are not clones, then there will be less prejudice. We may dislike a person because of his character/attitude but you cannot hate the whole nationality or ethnicity. E.g. all Israelis are evil, all Africans are out to scam you. We are individuals with different likes, dislikes, mannerisms. We may not have to like everyone but there is no harm in understanding more about the person. One way is to get to know them. Another is through reading. Reading, as you know, expands our horizons.
  • Syed Zulkifli Zakaria Reading can be a double edge sword though. If you let what you read influence you then you turn out the reversed. To me Mazlyn Mustapha is never to judge negatively a person until and except maybe when that person does something bad to you.
    Real life to story, “heard so many bad things this person did to other people but he/she remain a friend until the day he/she stabbed my back. My action was to confront him but of course he/she denies this.”
    Even then it is your choice to reciprocate negatively or just walk away. I am proud to say I count many people of differing belief as friends. Christian of many denomination, Buddhist, etc even free thinkers and atheist. And many of them have immense humanistic values that can put to shame many who profess to work in Gods path. But I practice my faith and them theirs.
    Prophet Muhammad SAW respected other religions, and I am his ummah.
  • E.p. New Thanks Prof. People like you restore my faith in mankind.
  • Syed Zulkifli Zakaria Lest we want to go into politically correct discourse, shall we say “humankind” E.p. New
  • Syed Zulkifli Zakaria Btw there is a lot of break-in in my area. Anybody know of a good ridgeback breeder?
  • Syed Zulkifli Zakaria E.p. New the problem most of the times is that people who claims they are “like” me only behave that way in front of other people. But when alone or in their own “group”, they will show their true colour.
    I used to be wary of revealing my true thoughts but now, God is my witness, I dont care for those pretenders no more. In the end its between you and God. No one else….
  • Roza Howton Prejudice is something that is learned and conditioned into you, in my case. When I was a kid I had a very intense, almost illogical hatred for Jews. Not too sure what caused it, the media saturation of Palestinian plight and Zionist butchery, or the constant hatred brainwashery of school.

    In University (overseas) I worked part time as a pharmacist assistant, and deliver prescriptions to residents of an old folks home. There I befriended a very cheerful guy who was dying of cancer. I thought nothing of it, until one day he dropped the bombshell (I was wearing my hijab those days) that he is in fact Jewish.

    Not only was he Jewish, he was a holocaust survivor. Lost all his family members in the war, and now dying of cancer. And yet, his wife (died some time ago) was catholic German. From someone who has lost so much, to forgive so easily is something to behold.

    That single interaction has completely shattered my capacity to be judgmental of others based on <ethnicity/religion/country>. In fact, I think majority of Jews, like the majority of Muslims, are just trying to get on with their lives, not buying the “intense hate” being fanned by political agendas on either side.

    Did you know that Prophet Muhammad SAW has two non-muslim wives? One of Coptic Christian and one of Jewish faith? Not to mention the first person to confirm his prophethood was a Nestorian Christian priest, Waraqah Ibn Naufal, and despite Waraqah never became a muslim, his place in heaven is guaranteed.

    Based on this historical statement, and on my chance encounter with my now passed on Jewish friend, the idea of prejudice is purely unfounded, and unethical.

    Don’t focus on the differences, focus on the similarities. Learn from the difference, don’t use it as a weapon to justify hatred.

    *OK, I’ll get off my soap box now*

  • Salina Abdullah i have written alot  articles on prejudices of unwed mothers and abandoned babies and would like a review and opinions on experts . anyone willing to help ?
  • Syed Zulkifli Zakaria Salina Abdullah. I am no expert but very opinionated and involved.