Who would have thought that the first feminist-activist in Malaysia (Tanah Melayu, according to the book) was actually a man.
He started with articles in a periodical journal, but only when he wrote a novel ‘Hikayat Faridah Hanum’ (Stories of Faridah Hanum), did his movement gain wider popularity within the Malay community.
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  • Lavanya WinBright syed shiek al-hadi!??
  • Peter Chen Fung Woo http://ms.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hikayat_Faridah_Hanom


    Hikayat Faridah Hanom adalah novel hasil karya Syed Syeikh al-Hadi pada tahun 19…25. Novel ini menggunakan kata ‘hikayat’ sebagaimana ‘Hikayat Abdullah’ atau ‘Hikayat Inderputera’. Hikayat Faridah Hanom mengisahkan percintaan sepasang anak muda keturunan bangsawan iaitu Faridah Hanom dengan Shafik Af…See More
  • Roza Howton You would also really love works of Abdullah Abd Kadir aka Munsyi Abdullah. A boy who so loved languages, he self taught himself mostly, and accidentally became the Malay Language’s Father of Modern Literature…. despite not being a Malay (technically – arab/indian). In those days, race doesn’t matter much, eh?

    “Abdullah was the first Malay writer to depart from the traditional Malay literary style by writing in the colloquial language. Unlike courtly writing, it was realistic and lively, incorporating many Malay idioms and proverbs. A. E. Cooper, who translated “Kisah Pelayaran Abdullah”, says, “his ‘direct reporting’ acts as a pleasant cool douche after the lushness of Malay romances”.”

    Hikayat Faridah Hanom was considered quite the scandalous book when it came out 😉 but what a book! Syed Syeikh Al-Hadi for the win.

    I used to wonder why books like this weren’t in the school literature curriculum, though. What I’d give to write essays on them two local literature giants.