“Mazlyn” my friend said “I can tell from your updates that you’re working in a hospital now”.
Thinking to myself; I really have to give more thought to my posts from now on, a lot of people seem to be getting the wrong information Ah well…
“Not really, friend, I’m back practising though”.
“Are you in surgery?”
A big resounding “NO”. … “Anaesthetics?”
“Nope, same old general medicine…why do you ask?”.
“What’s with the mask?”
“Oh…” it’s beginning to make sense now. “well, we’re having a situation in Malaysia right now, it’s called the haze”.
“Nice, what happened?”
“Forest fires in Indonesia. It happens every year around this time”.
“Is it bad?”
“Yup, they closed schools today”.
“What’s it like?”
“I imagine it’s like living with a smoker….everything smells”.
Friend laughs.
“So what’s being done about it?”
“Not sure, we’re all praying really hard for rain”.
“Ok, I’ll pray for you guys too”.
“Thanks”. — feeling hopeful.See More