So the price of petrol has gone up yet again. I have refrained from commenting on this ever since. Why? I was trying to think of a practical solution that can be applied by all.
First, I thought about walking. Walking is a great way to get around, it’s free, it’s also healthy exercise. But then again, crime rates are on the rise. It’s been months since I used my handbag, I’ve been told carrying …one in public is too life-threatening nowadays. So, let’s go to plan B.
We could all buy bicycles and cycle to work or whatever. I love bicycles. Again, it’s great exercise. But wait, I forgot, our country has one of the highest mortality rates from road traffic accidents, not to mention just having a high rate of motor vehicle accidents. Maybe the bicycle would only be a valid option if there are lanes specifically for bicycles only like there are in developed countries. So much for bicycles. Let’s move to Plan C.
Public transport. Well, I must say I like to use the LRT a lot, but it doesn’t go everywhere. There are still places where it is not ‘reachable’, and so one has to consider other alternative forms of transportation.
I can’t think of anything else, so I welcome comments from the audience.See More