I was going through my things which I do periodically to get rid of clutter, when I found a piece of paper which was an email printed from Advant’edge’ Newsletter by Nightingale Conant and the title was “finding your true calling” by Brian Tracy.
It starts with “the worst use of time in your life is to stay in a job for months or years for which you are completely unsuited”. The sad thing is, this happens to a lot of people, and I am as guilty as the next person.
Instead, this is what we should be doing “your aim in life is to become everything you are capable of becoming, to enjoy full self-expression of your talents and abilities. Your job is to develop yourself to the point at which every day is a source of joy and satisfaction, and you have so many interesting things to do that you do not have enough time to do them”. (This sounds like my life now!)
“Your mission is to continually hold up a mirror to yourself and refuse to work at anything that is not an expression of everything that is good and capable within you”.
“Success comes from being excellent at what you do” and “all really successful and happy people know in their hearts that they are very good at what they do”.
“If you are following your true calling, you will know because of your attitude toward excellence, you will have a continuous desire to learn more and have the determination to join the top 10% of people in your field”.
My last quotes from the article are “you are where you are because you have chosen to be there” and “you have natural skills and talents that can enable you to overcome any obstacles and achieve any goal you set for yourself. There are no limits on what you can be, have or do if you have your true calling, and then throw your whole heart into doing what you were made to do in an excellent fashion”.
I end this with a question for the reading audience, have you found your true calling? I think I have. — feeling wonderful.See More