Friend: I’m spending raya in KL.
Me: What? You’re not going anywhere? This is not fair.
Friend: This weekend I have to go back to Kelantan, my mother in law doesn’t want to go, so we have to go in her place.
Me: I like your mother in law, she is smart. I must adapt her strategy.
Friend: Yes, she is very smart. So, are we going to visit our mutual friend who just gave birth?
Me: Of course, but she hasn’t accepted my facebook friend request, I’m not sure why. I thought we were friends?
Friend: Well, maybe it’s because she is busy, she just gave birth and she has 3 other kids. Give the woman a break.
Me: Excuse me, this facebook friends thing is important ok. Plus it’s just a button, all she needs to do is click once.
Friend: Ok, I’ll force her.
Me: Sure we can visit after that. You fix a time and bring bumblebee.See More