“Are you a pathologist?”
I was taken aback by the question.
This is one of the many limitations of facebook chats, I thought to myself. Surely if this person had met me, that would not be a first guess.
The line of questioning is fairly predictable.
Question #1: Are you a doctor? or What do you do for a living? (Or in this case, we both knew we were doctors by our multiple mutual friends and… previous workplaces).
Which is followed by…
Question #2: Are you a specialist?
Followed by…
Question #3: What is your speciality?
Today however, we were chatting but I was distracted and caught up doing something else, when I returned to the chat, I found my new friend had asked me “Are you a pathologist?” and I was some what shocked.
It was the first time anyone had guessed, normally I would provide information before any guesses were made. I think after this I’m going to start letting people guess and see what comes up most often. I’m curious now.
No, definitely not a pathologist.See More