Things are a bit tough at the moment.
Editing is not a fun job at all, but it has it’s benefits. Very tough for a perfectionist though, seems like a never-ending story. Just set a deadline, and let it be. It’s good in that it reminds you of your cause, why you are doing it in the first place. I’ve set 31st December 2013 as the dateline. Ready or not, Book #1 electronic version will come out first… followed by the hardcopy, hopefully together but realistically, a bit later.
So I wont be running the Penang Bridge International Marathon (HM) tomorrow. Bummer. Ah well, it was originally meant as a back-up plan, so if anything bad had happened during the Putrajaya Night Marathon, this would be redemption. So there is no need for that. I’m quite happy with the three medals this year. I’ve set my sight on the SCKLM, MWM and PBIM next year. 2015, for our first international marathon, Gw.
The last piece of bad news, next week will be going to live in Kelantan for the whole of the school holidays. Ok, I feel like dying. I will miss PJ. But at least it wont be forever, and I’ll get a chance to visit friends in KB. — with Halimatun Sa’adiah and 6 others.See More
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