Maths has always been one of my favourite subjects, so has accounts. Its simple, you don’t have to memorise much, all it takes is mastering fundamental principles and daily practise.
Let’s give it a go:
1) Total deficit: RM519 billion htt…ps://
2) Utility bills at Prime Ministers residence: RM2.55 million per year
3) Cost of one son’s bungalow: RM7 million
4) Cost of 11 Birkin handbags (accessories or miscellaneous expenditure?): RM1 million
5) National Airlines loss: RM2.5 billion
6) Prince court hospital loss: RM1 billion
7) Expenditure to improve English in schools: RM270 million
8) Government expenditure on private consulting firms: RM 7.2 billion More
Opposition does the math, says Putrajaya averaged RM4 million a day on consultants over four years
Putrajaya spent over RM 7.2 billion on private consulting firms from 2009 to 2013, an opposition lawmaker said in Parliament today. PKR MP Wong Chen (pic, right) said an average of RM4 million