Friend: Mazlyn, why are you so upset? Isn’t the haze good for your business, you know, you being in private practice now.
Thankfully, this came from a friend.
And might I add, thankfully, I have a phobia of going to jail due to cockroaches.
Me: How can you say that, of course I am upset (not that I’m complaining ). It’s so difficult for people to live a healthy lifestyle as it is, now I can’t… even go for my evening runs anymore.
Friend: Oh I see, forgot about that. But you can exercise at home, right?
Me: Of course. But even that is debated amongst us doctors. The air is bad indoors too. I’m not sure how effective my air treatment system is.
Friend: Yeah, and there are people who don’t have an air treatment system, like me.
Me: Well, what good is an air treatment system if you smoke?
Thankfully, the friend is a friend. If not, I might not be here writing this update.
Friend: Some people say it helps clean up the mess I make.
Both of us laugh.
Me: You should stop you know.
Friend: I know.
Me: It’s not all that bad, this hazy season we’re having.
Friend: Eh?
Me: There’s always a silver lining. My 10 year old son told me last night “mummy, I hate smoking”.See More
  • Santharathas Muthusamy in conjunction with the haze phenomenon we also campaign for stop smoking campaign it also has respiratory hazard indoors especially for asthmatics coad ptb pt heart failures patient so hopefully people who are smoking can organize a campaign to quit smoking for the betterment may be 5percent of haze is  caused by smoking wow new findings may be giving 95percent blamed on the open fires