It’s 3.44 am. I can’t sleep. I’m not sure why. So instead of being restless in bed, I get up and facebook. Tomorrow 11 am I will be on ntv7. I’m wondering which outfit I should wear, according to the email, anything goes (well, my wardrobe is very conservative, no rules broken). Here are my options based on my most favourite outfits:
1) My crimson silk baju kurung: it’s extremely comfy but the wa…ist is a bit big now that I have lost some fat around the waist area. 2) My scarlet one piece baju raya with shawl. A friend said it looked Moroccan. I do like this dress but I feel it may make me look fat due to the cutting and colour. 3) My all time favourite black top with black half swirl long skirt, problem is the skirt is kind of lose, need to send to tailor to alter like no 1. 4) Plain knee length purple top with purple small flower print skirt.
After some deliberation, I think I’m going with no 4 because it fits best and I think it makes me look thin, which is important for TV appearance I’m told.See More