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“Dr Mazlyn,
Can you please answer/clarify my question below (sorry if it seems stupid to you but I am worried) :
1) Can bacteria in one’s body make a person paralyzed ? One doctor from Y Hospital told me that because my cough flame is green in colour meaning I have bacteria in my body and if I dont get it treated – it will make me paralyzed if they attack my back / spine….
2) Am feeling some pain in my back body / spine area  – do you think it is cause for concern and i should see a doctor again or is it so happen my back giving me pain because of the chair in my office (new chair).
Can you please give me your professional opinion as I am really worry these few days.
So sorry for the trouble.
Thanks for your help.
Hi X. Answer:
1) Yes it can.
2) It’s difficult to advise without seeing and examining the patient, so yes, please see your doctor.
You’re welcome.
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