Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed
MAHATHIR S/O ISKANDAR KUTTY @ MAHATHIR BIN MOHAMED 35 facts about Dr M that you need to know 1.   Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamed’s real name is Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty. He was born Mahathir s/o Is…
  • Kelvin Ong Save for alleged crimes against the Rakyat of Malaysia, everything else about this man, specifically his ethinicity and his parents, are of no concern of mine and neither should it be of anybody elses.
  • Clement Chin Many years ago, I had a close encounter with him at the opening of Pahang Cement near Kuantan. I purposely stand a step away from a row of people standing and waiting to shake his hand. He noticed me avoiding to shake his hand and he glanced at me. The shocking thing was his eyes change into evil cobra eyes. I was stunted for awhile with that scary encounter.
  • Shaktivel Palanivel interesting the way certain point were highlighted in bold and italics.
  • Shaktivel Palanivel Malays are a very ancient and mixed race. Unlike Anglo-Saxons, your parentage or lineage is not taken into account. ( i.e- Barrack Obama regarded as black despite mixed parentage). You are a Malay because of your language, culture and upbringing.
  • Shi Han So then… is the conclusion … prime minister of malaysia must practice a malay culture and a Muslim? And is he guilty until proven innocent?
  • Maznee Md Sapar There are things I adore and I dislike about him… Equally the same
  • David Yap Shaktivel Palanivel That’s by definition under the Malaysian Federal Constitution but in reality/ironically the acceptance as one of the community is still subjected to the shades of gray & political alliance. For example, there is a Chinese politician who was adopted at birth by a Malay family, brought up as a Malay and a Muslim but as far as UMNO or its supporters are concerned he is not a Malay due to the fact that he is in the opposition.