Don’t leave home with out it. World, introducing my faithful pepper spray.
For the times we live in.
Be safe people.
Photo: Don't leave home with out it. World, introducing my faithful pepper spray.

For the times we live in. 

Be safe people.
  • Othman H Siru you carry a stun gun.
  • Mazlyn Mustapha .22 not enough?
  • Adam Firth hmmmm as much as I agree with protecting yourself in any way possible isn’t it taking things a bit far?
  • Mazlyn Mustapha You mean the pepper spray Adam?
  • Adam Firth yeah I do. i’m not saying your in the wrong. the way things are going anything is worth a try. but if your ever picked up by the police they will automaticly put you in the wrong
  • Rokiah Hanafiah I am all for pepper spray! Where did you get yours Mazlyn Mustapha? Been meaning to get one.:)
  • Mazlyn Mustapha I bought it from the local supermarket Rokiah Hanafiah, at giant I think, only costs about RM20-30. I haven’t tried it out yet though. I’m going to do that. We need to know how far it can spray and that it actually works 🙂
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Adam: being a member of the opposition, anything will be used against me, even my lip gloss 😉
  • Rokiah Hanafiah Ok thnks, will try to get one soon, the number of trafic light robberies that we come across nowadays, giving me the jitters n chills..:(
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Yeah, tips for that, hide your purse or handbag under the car seat, have a ‘dummy’ bag you can throw/give them if needed, ‘park/stop’ your car in such a way you have a lot of space to manoeuvre, if you can; tint all the glass, SUV or ‘higher’ cars are safer in theory, ‘flashy’ cars can increase the risk in theory, take active defence classes, and equip yourself. The pepper spray is one of three weapons I carry with me. I also have a switchblade and a…well, you can use your imagination. I think guard dogs are brilliant.
  • Saliza Abd Aziz High car is safer in theory. .. lady right in front of me in her KiA sportage at the red light.. had her right window smash and handbag gone in 1min… it looks like a movie shoot. It didnt register in my mind what actually happens till the pillion biker pull out the handbag from the car… when that happens then only did I realise what actually happen n quickly tried  to remember the bike plate no…which was too late… so so fast!.. 3rd hit on the window he manage to smash the window!!!. Scary because I was the one that just got out off the bank with load of cash on my way to the money changer!!.. counting my blessing over n over that day…. some how I still wonders how fast can we react when we are too stunt to move… since we are not train for physical defence training which would make us move automatical when someone attact us suddenly.
  • Mazlyn Mustapha That’s the advantage of an ambush…but remember, it can work both ways.
  • Shaktivel Palanivel buy two, have a play with one to get used to it. the problem is i find you need very good control to use them. the spray can drift backwards….into us! it takes getting used to.