This morning I had to leave home earlier than usual because a friend of mine needed some help getting around as both my friends cars landed in hospital, I mean car hospital (the workshop).
Too bad I was informed pretty late last night, so my car was a mess and there was no time for the maid to clean it up and make it decent. I offer no apologies.
This is where I start talking about stereotypes….
1) Stereotype drivers.
Most people are rather shocked with the way I drive. Again, I offer no apologies. Only a reason to be well insured.
Then, I discovered another stereotype; stereotype about the way people give directions.
2) Stereotype directors.
I admit, getting around isn’t one of my strengths. I sometimes get lost inside a hospital I’m unfamiliar with because the design tends to be monotonous and intentionally confusing with signs deliberately hidden from view (the same applies to some roads and highways).
Having said that, for places and routes that I AM familiar with, I can and will direct people with crystal clear instructions (as in which lane to take and why, where the AES cameras are hidden etc). So it’s a bit annoying when other people do not offer the same detailed instruction.
Thankfully, we all made it to our various destinations safe and sound this morning.See More
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