*At my lawyers office* (excerpts from Monday morning happenings)
My lawyer is good looking and pious, so I honestly don’t mind having to meet up often.
This time a previous employer has sent me a letter of demand, demanding I pay back all my salary and other miscellaneous items because I breached contract.
So here I am, face to face with my HOT lawyer, handing over documents and asking ‘Do they have a case?’.
My lawyer looks through the documents, asks a few questions, and tells me “You have nothing to worry about. They cannot put a penalty clause in the agreement. Plus they can’t lump sum damages like this. It has to be detailed breakdown of every item. And, lastly, this person is not a lawyer”, pointing to the undersigned.
‘Great’ I said.
I kind of knew it, but I needed to hear it from an expert. I grinned from ear to ear.
“Tell them, if they want to proceed that you will see them in court”.
‘But I don’t want to go to court!’ I objected.
“If they decide to take that course, then you can reveal all their unethical practises in court, if that’s what they want”.
I smiled. Why didn’t I study law? I would have been an excellent lawyer, or so I thought to myself quietly.
Then my good looking and charming lawyer who is also an author, asked me how is my book getting along.
I showed the copy of Book #1 that I just printed out.
My cute lawyer glanced at the first few lines and said “this part has got to go”.
‘What?’ I objected again. ‘Why?’ I thought to myself, after all it is the truth.
Then came the moment of reckoning.
“Because”, my lawyer said, “why do write? You do want your books to sell, don’t you?”
‘Yes’, came my cautious reply.
“Do you notice how many pro-opposition books are sold in the bookstores in our country?”.
‘Yes’, came my grim reply. I am a huge fan of books and bookstores. I know the truth when I see it.
“Then I suggest you remove this part”.
‘Ok’, I said. I’ll think about it.See More