The purpose of this post is for public health education. I always offer patients to add me on facebook for health tips and their permission to use their story, provided full anonymity, for the benefit of the public.
First patient: constipation.
This was an interesting case as the symptoms had occurred for only one week. Forgot to mention the patient was rather elderly.
There was no weight loss…. In fact, I recommended the patient to enrol for a weight loss program.
Constipation can easily be avoided by eating adequate fruit and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly.
A change in bowel habit is a red flag sign. It may be a warning sign in the more elderly patients of serious underlying conditions like bowel/colon cancer.
Always look out for unintentional weight loss, mass on examination, and check for faecal occult blood. If in doubt refer for colonoscopy.
Second patient: sore throat and fever. Nothing spectacular to share here but I do ask if patients exercise regularly, eat a proper diet and take supplements such as vitamin C.
Third patient: conjunctivitis plus hypertension, need refilling of meds because left them on holiday.
Fourth patient: sore throat.
Fifth patient: from Africa attending course in Malaysia, complains of diaphragmatic pain. history of peptic ulcer disease.
Urine dipstick was normal. I had a similar patient in the past present with DKA but was much more unwell.
Sixth patient: viral conjunctivitis right eye. complained of sore right eye.
Seventh patient: went on work related trip. complained of left sided headache and water in left ear. During trip went swimming and thus water entered ear. Now reduced hearing. Examination was difficult to visualise tympanic membrane due to wax. No pain on pulling of earlobe. Fever. Complain of subjective hearing loss on the left side. Treat as otitis media.
Lost count of patient…temporarily disconnected.
Patient last seen: Fell down during football, lower back pain on right side, worsened by movement.
Soft tissue injury, analgesia & LMS cream. MC. Sports is good but please try and avoid injury.
Next patient: motorcyclist road traffic accident, pain worse today.
Then: Man with multiple polyarthalgia/polyarthritis. For routine medication prescription.
Second last patient: Young boy with painful right eye. Third case of right sided conjunctivitis today. He was wearing shades like me.
Last patient: Allergic rhinitis plus viral upper respiratory tract infection. MC since office very strong air cond (wont dispute that).
The very last patient: AGE & viral URTI.
Time to go home. Yay!See More
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