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    12-year lifespan on cars won’t hurt Malaysians, says Hishammuddin


    The proposal to cap a lifespan on cars will not burden owners with debt, said acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein (pic). Putrajaya is leaning towards imposing a vehicle
    • Othman H Siru banglasia only rides bicycles.
    • Elizabeth Tan cant wait for 5 years to pass..
    • Norhafsah Hamid Its ridiculous cos retired folk can’t afford brand new cars let alone be eligible for car loans. Plus, who then bear the cost of disposing the car. I’m not politically inclined but when the ruling govt comes out with this type of idiotic policy makes me angry!
    • Felicia Ng How abt cap a life span on politicians by their intelligence?
    • Thava Malar Of course it won’t hurt him. He can afford to change cars every year.
    • Lim Lian Cheoo leeches sucks, they are starved…
    • Hana Shamsuddin Their mission must be “menghimpit yg dah sedia sempit.. “
    • Uthaya Sankar SB I guess, by “Malaysians”, he means “politicians in BN”.
    • Shaktivel Palanivel i dont think the malaysian insider got the correct news about the transport ministers stance on MIROS plan…..
    • Shaktivel Palanivel Prof Wong from MIROS proposed the idea from legit data, but it needs to through the transport ministry, and I am very sure Dato Seri Hishamuddin wont agree. Its not practical for us.
    • Mazlyn Mustapha The government should focus on how to increase the income of the population, how to make roads safer, how to make cars more affordable or last longer, or transform the transport system to be less reliant on cars.
    • Andreja Rozman Mazlyn, all Govts should do these things, but I am not sure if there is one doing it out there..
    • Shaktivel Palanivel sign….not even one.
    • Shi Han Guys I worked as rnd engineer.. standard car testing will ensure the lifecycle for durability of the car approximately 360000km. Average malaysian driving distance is between 25 to 30k per year.  Thus the figure 360000 is representing 12 years as recommended by Allahyarham prof radin.
    • Shaktivel Palanivel thats based on facts. but population is approaching 35 million. imagine the amount of cars that need to be disposed. it will be a nightmare. an environmental one
    • Mazlyn Mustapha In Ireland there was no such disposal law, instead all cars on the road had to have yearly NCT/check-up to ensure even old cars are safe on the road. There you can get good quality second hand cars at relatively cheap price plus your income is in Euro, much greater buying power. I know, I should move to Ireland.
    • Lim Lian Cheoo Mazlyn Mustapha They know all these too well, but , what they know better is to gather what they can , before the terms  up, the tsunami
    • Shaktivel Palanivel hmm…thats a good alternative
    • Tiong Chooi Dang “find way to LIST puspakom and more $$$..sigh the evil “””sight mok tar””
    • Mohamed Muslim-m Kereta antik saya Mini Copper Mark one TB 2112 daftar tahun 1971 kat kat mana gaknya hendak diletakkan? Mini Cooper Mark one?
    • Shi Han How do you ensure the reliability? Every parts has its own life cycle. And cars nowadays is recycleable. Shaktivel Palanivel 35 million population means we should have a good public transport like japan la if you are scare of over populated cars on the road. And Mazlyn Mustapha nobody encourage nor discourage you to be in Ireland.  However what we are talking about now is the safety which I as engineer will put it on the highest level. Old car doesn’t have abs.. ebd.. als.. airbag furthermore air bags are warranted for 7 years.  If you insist to use the old car fo ahead.. and if your car is out of control please make sure you could steer away from other people. Miros is recommending to scrap the car not because of money but for road safety.  Please read sae website for further info regarding car safety… tq
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I am waiting you to buy me a red Ferrari Shi Han. My car is getting old.
    • Mazlyn Mustapha “And Mazlyn Mustapha nobody encourage nor discourage you to be in Ireland” = of course not, only the home minister 🙂
    • Amy Mohamed patient patient patient……. there are pros and cons on this matter……..
    • Paul Packianathan Of course it will never hurt Malaysians like you who don’t have to slog daily to earn a living.
    • Khairul Azhar Jaafar Doesn’t matter how noble is the intention -safety,reliability etc but why it has to be at the expense of the people?  everytime,  and will affect most of the lower income group. Governt should come up with a better plan that is fair to all.
    • Shi Han Khairul Azhar Jaafar reliable public transport is the answer. I prefer to ride lrt than driving in kl. Because lrt is so reliable nowadays.
    • Shi Han Paul Packianathan agree.. Mazlyn Mustapha is wealthy…. never slog daily to earn living… she just enjoy running and cycling. .. ke ke ke
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Then why the cap, focus on improving public transport instead.
    • Mazlyn Mustapha There is nothing wrong with being wealthy if you use legal and ethical means. You can be rich too if you want without stealing from others or oppressing the poor.
    • Khairul Azhar Jaafar I’ve been dreaming,hoping and praying for a reliable public transport , but Still haven’t found what I m looking for…( it’s U2 song- hope you don’t mind..hehe)
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I love U2, its an Irish group.
    • Suharizal Subri only thing is we buy overprice cars ..loan term aka 9 yrs,,,,serve interest lagi..bank la kaya…wakakkakakakaka…..
    • Mazlyn Mustapha It’s insane Suharizal Subri. Theory doesn’t always apply in practise. There is a need for common sense, ESPECIALLY in this thread and debate.
    • Suharizal Subri that car is own by us for oy 3 yrs…before that …bank punya…..huhuhuhuhu….it’s different if we compare overseas…us and uk…..tak la mahai mcm kat sini….
    • Khairul Azhar Jaafar Banks are not only kaya, but they are immune…
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Banks make easy money, look at them, they have the largest and nicest buildings, often the corner lots.
    • Amy Mohamed How how how…… driver public transport bawak kenderaan macam ORANG GILA…… merbahayakan penumpang and also other…… TAK DER HORMAT penumpang…… TAK RETI SABAR……. Sumbat masuk dalam public transport macam sardins…….. Macam mana orang nak naik public transport…… kalau coach for perempuan pun jantan sengal naik and buat muka selamba…….. berebut nak duduk dengan orang tua or perempuan mengandung…… and I can say….. buses here are not child, baby, elderly and handicap friendly….. LRT is also not baby, elderly and handicap friendly…….. so if i sorong anak dalam stroller nak naik LRT….. mmg tak boleh lar kannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……. nak naik bus….. mg kena maki lar kan sebab lambat……. improve public trasport macam mana pun kalau PEMIKIRAN sesetengah orang yg naik public transport dengan PEMIKIRAN sesetengah driver publilc transport TAK DER SIVIK…….. tak payah…….
    • Suharizal Subri but practically ..i had to agreed with Shi Han, Life Cycle for average car is around that age….but the overpriced cars is ridiculous….let be fair..
    • Norfaizal Abd Latiff I agree that at this moment the no of car on certain area has been too much with lack of efficient public transport. But the gov has to think of how to get the public transport the best possible before scrapping something.
      To get from kota damansara to um in car will cost 2 hours of my daily time with almost rm30 perday for fuel and tol. So I choose to ride motorbike instead but the motorcycle lane is just not there apart from along the federal highway.
    • Shi Han Amy Mohamed dah sah ko tak pernah nak.lrt. kat lrt stesyen ada lif la..
    • Khairul Azhar Jaafar riding motorcycles in this country is suicidal
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I agree with Amy, LRT is good if you are able bodied but having experienced that being heavily pregnant, with kids etc its not very practical.
    • Amy Mohamed Shi Han……… bukan semua stesen ada lift sayang oi……….. what about others…..commuter…monorail….. etc etc etc
    • Shi Han Then commuter and monorail is not lrt… same as statement bus in not same as car… ke ke ke..
    • Suharizal Subri OKU non compliance ….susah la…kalau ada pun penuh dgn yg bukan oku, pregnant women, old pp….that susah mau ubah…..malaysian….
    • Azhan Khazari Baik kata kerajaan baiklah pada saya.kerajaan sudah melakukan yg terbaik untuk rakyatnya.
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Norfaizal Abd Latiff: how I wish I dare use motorcycle or bicycle…its just too dangerous.
    • Suharizal Subri malaysian driving skill=dangerously insane ..lol
    • Amy Mohamed Shi Han….. mmg lar commuter ngan monorail bukan lrt……. kan i kata…… not all lrt stesen ada lift….. Commuter dan monorail pun sama…… bukan semua stessen ada lift…… itu sahaja……. chil babe…….
    • Amy Mohamed Suharizal Subri……… AGREE with your statement
    • Suharizal Subri tp bila kita duduk kat negara org ….all this skills gone…bole be nice and follow driving culture org kat sana….i wonder why ????
    • Mazlyn Mustapha But I must say those things are improving over the years: common courtesy on public transport and driving skills of Malaysians. Having said that, it is so wrong to cap the life of cars given our current cost of cars, our current average income, our current public transport system. There has to be other solutions that are more practical.
    • Amy Mohamed COST OF CARS in Malaysia cam nak belanja naik flight pergi BULAN………. I just don’t understand…… LOCAL CARS pun mahal……… Cars nowadays in Malaysia is no longer a LUXURY but a NECESSITY…….. so fikirkanlar to reduce the sales price of cars…… HOW??????
    • Amy Mohamed Mazlyn Mustapha……. cepat masuk politiks so that kita kat CUCI BERSIH this people punya mind yang dah BERKARATZ dengan DUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……. Do I need to say more……..
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Let’s see, I’m living in PJ, working in Bangi at the moment. I bought a bicycle for RM800 recently. I can get up early and cycle to work. The problem is, when I get there, if I get there in one piece, I can be dead or become a patient instead of the doctor…
    • Lim Lian Cheoo I tried that in 2007, arriving at clinic in 15 mins. Bit sweating with dust all over… And to cycle with all the takings f the day. A cycling time bomb! Just not practical .
    • Azhan Khazari Kita mestilah membantu Malaysia ke arab negara mahu 2020 dgn membeuli kereta baru
    • Shi Han Well guys have u been an engineer for car development? Suharizal Subri and I did… well reason why so expensive… Malaysian donot have Catia… Fotran… Adams… Crash lab… Proving ground… Stamping dies buat kat korea… taiwan… clean steel from japan… stamping machine from komatsu japan… paint from alesco… airbag from autoliv… macamana nak murah… unless bawak masuk tata nano..
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Then can we start manufacturing those things before capping car life? They need to come up with another solution.
    • Suharizal Subri to protect nasional car la bang……that the inspirational …to help local car industries…itulah di sebaliknya…..kenapa mahai…
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Thank you Suharizal Subri, thank you for the truth. Why cant they just come out and say it.
    • Suharizal Subri the cost of developing technologies doesn’t come cheap….we need that to develop our own people….
    • Shi Han Well bro… hyundai and kia was protected as well…. hang tak gi dqcm dgn pqcm ka Suharizal Subri… dok dalam tu vendor bagi macam2 alasan… kalau vendor cas singgit takkan hang jual seposen.
    • Suharizal Subri Mazlyn Mustapha tu semua org tau…uhuhuhuhu
    • Suharizal Subri huhuhuhu..dah lama tinggai automotive industries bro Shi Han…hang lg SME ..subject expert matter dlm nih….
    • Shi Han And Mazlyn Mustapha proton is own by us as well… kwsp is one of share holder… buying nasional car is just like putting money from right pocket to the left pocket… oppsss sorry… unless u do not have kwsp then it is different story… the problem with our automotive industry is most of the vendor refused to develop their self everything nees to be  spoon fed. May be because they hire bangladeshi… once their permit expired then no more continuation of skill and knowledge.
    • Amy Mohamed itu i tahu……..to protect national car…….. but NATIONAL CAR IS NOT CHEAP EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you (i mean the govern) want local middle income earner to buy national car to boost the sales…than turunkan lar harga……. Kenapa kita tak boleh nak produce benda nie locally????? Why are we still buying spare parts for local cars from outside??????? Percentage????? Habuan?????? Rahsuah?????? Jeng jeng jeng!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recon a.k.a second hand pun mahal……. APA HAL??????????
    • Suharizal Subri susah mau jawab lor…..
    • Amy Mohamed Hahahahahahahahahhaa………. I rasa lar….. Menteri kewangan negara tak qualified kot…… mungkin lepasan SPM sahaja……. tu yang kalau cost is RM10 kena jual ka rakyat RM100 baru betul
    • Amy Mohamed Kalau cost for import car is RM100K…… kita jual Proton harga 90K….. rakyat still thinks cheap….. walaupun cost is only 20K……. 70K untung…….. 2 untuk ko….2 untuk aku…hentam sajalah untuk ko…. hentam sajalah untuk aku…. eh eh eh untuk ko…… eh eh eh untuk aku…..kaya kaya kaya…..
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I do not own proton. I do not own proton car or proton shares or any company stake. If they want to be competitive then learn how to compete. If not close shop. Stop wasting tax payers money. And stop making stupid rules like capping car life.
    • Shi Han Amy Mohamed as what me and Suharizal Subri said the technology is mostly not yet available in Malaysia… clean steel.. none of Malaysia nor korean is able to create a good quality steel such as nippon steel… mold maker setakat buat sabun ada la sirim boleh buat…. but automotive use a mold which weight up to tons. The equation is economic of scale la… hang masuk kilang baru hang tau… tak yah kilang kete… kilang kicap sudah la….. soya takkan tak de petani boleh supply murah…
    • Amy Mohamed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VocGv88YyQ


      Kami Penyamun nyanyian Aziz Satar & S. Shamsudin yang dipetik dari filem Nujum Pak Belalang (!959) arahan Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee (AMN)
    • Suharizal Subri supply and demand …arbitrage …price different….because of technological capacity….kita belum bole develop that technology…tak kan la kita nak dependent pada org asing selama-lamanya…more less like investment la…for future generation…
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Of course I don’t understand, I didn’t do MBA for nothing
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Then stop talking to me Shi Han
    • Shi Han https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMCrMxsP9qs…


      We all use cars or other vehicles.But do we wonder how they are built?Here is the manufacturing process.
    • Amy Mohamed Suharizal…… I think itu semua alasan orang atasan sahaja……. ramai sahaja orang kita yang cerdik pandai dalam segala ilmu tapi tidak di manfaatkan secara betul……. THIS IS THE ROLE OF TALENCORP then…… pergi lar cari mana dia genius genius malaysia yg duduk tersembunyi kat luar negara sana…..tak nak balik tak pe tapi mengajar lar….. pujuk lar cara betul…..jangan Talentcorp pun sombong gaks……. adoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    • Shi Han He he he Mazlyn Mustapha chill aunty… enjoy the video… look at every component and think how it is made… not grown from backyard…
    • Shi Han Agree talentcorp memang poyo…
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I’m not a dude. You need to mind your language.
    • Suharizal Subri agreed..tp masalahnya kita ada pepatah melayu…menangguk di air yg keruh..uhuhuhuhu
    • Amy Mohamed Apasalahnya kita buat investment in buying the machine……????? BELI CINCIN BOLEH…… BAYAR ELEKTRIK BERBILLION A YEAR BOLEH……. BAG CHANEL & HERMES KENA 1 ROBOK BOLEH…TUN RAZAK EXCHANGE BOLEH….. SO why cannot spend on these machines so that they are in malaysia…… so only import the steel…to reduce cost… By the way……. Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary cannot produce ke????? Since he is producing everything else…….
    • Amy Mohamed Suharizal…….kekadang tu bukan menangguk lagi……. minum terus kasi licin………..
    • Norfaizal Abd Latiff The car engineer will argue about the car. The economist will argue about getting the most money. But who will decide what is the best for rakyat? Is it the stupid politician with lots of money and government car with police escort everyday to work? Be more considerate with the public before u make decision.
    • Amy Mohamed Mari reramai kita suruh PAK PAK ngan MAK MAK menteri nie naik Public transport……. BARU DIA RASAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!……… Baru tahu kena tambah SEDAP RASA…… untuk CUKUP RASAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
    • Shi Han Amy Mohamed that is the power of knowledge… art of steel making is still safely kept by the japanese… just look at samurai sword making video… syed bukhari is just a businessman… he buys companies but if the company is full by newbies… what else you do you expect? Sorry Mazlyn Mustapha I tot u r not eating the chilli. ..
    • Zulkifli Zain “…What will they think of next…” ~ err i’m not too sure if that’s what they are doing. Thinking, i mean.
    • Shi Han Amy Mohamed yup… agree most politician is arrogant. .. regardless which side.. Mazlyn Mustapha what if you ask the parliament only permit the use of public transport for those politicians?
    • Suharizal Subri Norfaizal……itu isu policymakers……uhuhuhuuh….
    • Amy Mohamed There are pros and cons in everything…….but a decision has to be made……. so make it wisely……. consider all paths before choosing 1 path……. Alamak…. dah nak jadi jopung lar pulaks……
    • Amy Mohamed Okay…..time to sleep……..esok bangun and hoping that the 12 years did not change to 10 years laks macam Singapore……… hehehehehehehehehehe
    • Philip Yeoh For MOST Malaysians, a 12-year-old used car is all they can afford.

      Can somebody please take away every car this retard owns, and then let him say he’s not hurt by THAT?

      When there comes a time Malaysians don’t have anything left to eat, this will be one dumb-ass I’d like to see torn apart by the mobs for food.

    • Mazlyn Mustapha Not in favour of name calling but I agree with everything else you say Philip Yeoh.
    • Amy Mohamed 12 year span from manufacturing date???????????? Lepas nie habs lar semua peniaga kereta recon and 2nd hand………. semua orang nak beli kereta baru and nak murahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. Car value will drop like dead flies……… No recons….no second hand…… macam mana nak beli recon…… for this year….to qualify for recon the manufacturing date must be 2008….baru lar import tax kurang….. if you buy….. it only have a life span of another 7 years….. kalau mampu bayar loan in 7 years tak pe….. kalau tak????? simpan jer lar……….. THE RIPPLE EFFECT IS LARGER THAN HE THINKS IT IS GOING TO BE…….. DEpreciation of a car is TOO STEEP……. coz at the end of year 12 your car has 0 value…… will there be charges to dispose the car????? who is disposing the car????? where are they dumping the unused car????? WHO IS MAKING PROFIT out of this?????? How to overcome household debt??????  Aghhhhhhhhhh…..to many questions………
    • Norfaizal Abd Latiff Suharizal Subri I agreed that is the policymaker decision. But the question is who make the policy? Who is the policy for?  Rich politician or the public?
      Make life easy for the public.
      I agreed it will come to atime the old need to go like singapore but please make sure we get to near their level.
      Y do we need car if we have a good public transport?
      I know a senior bank officer with 2 kids struggling to make end payment every month in kl but only driving viva to work.
      So dear politician please dont make a new policy until u find the solution to ease public life.
    • Amy Mohamed Norfaizal……..Dia tak nak ambil peduli about public life…….. asalkan life pocket dia penuh berisi…… tu je….
    • E.p. New I think they should go on mileage.
    • Shi Han E.p. New do you know car in jakarta don’t warrant the horn.. and service interval bases on timeline because mostly they have a gridlock jam… the best servicing is operating hoir for an engine.
    • DrFelix Chong Yg ini jelas sekali penerbangan nyA … Cuba la baca ..
      Status dari Sham Gee. Menarik untuk dikongsikan.


      Kerajaan nak hapuskan kereta melebihi umur 12 tahun. Pagi-pagi dah tengok eksiden. Yang berlanggar kereta bawah 3 tahun. Mana jaminan kerajaan yang kereta baru ni akan selamat dijalanraya..? Kalau dah pemandunya macam beruk jangan harap la nak selamat. Bila dah kereta baru je, memang la sedap pecut dan cilok deras-deras. Kalau dah kereta lama, lagi lama lagi slow la owner dia bawak.. nak-nak pula kalau owner dia pun dah sama umur ngan kereta. Kalau nak selamat bukan tukar kereta tapi tukar mentaliti rakyat Malaysia semasa memandu serta kuatkuasakan undang-undang dengan betul bukan buat peraturan lepas tu lepas tangan macam tu je. Nak tunggu eksiden mega-mega baru nak bertindak. Operasi pun ikut musim. Musim buah operasi macam ni, musim bunga operasi macam tu, musim hujan operasi macam ni pulak. Ini semua kena ubah kalau nak selamat dijalanraya.

      Tukar kereta bawah melebihi umur 12 tahun ni sebenarnya agenda nak kayakan proton dan Perodua yang dah nak lingkup pasal kualiti kereta dia hampeh, Cuba kaji kereta mana yang rakyat paling banyak beli.? Aku pun pakai Proton la..Kihkihkih.. Kereta kalau takde kualiti jual murah-murah kat luar negara pun tak laku, lepastu hantar balik dalan negara jual mahal-mahal dengan rakyat sendiri kenakan pula cukai tinggi-tinggi. Menteri dan pemimpin mana rasa benda ni. Diaorang makan berak cangkung semua rakyat yang bayar.

    • Amy Mohamed HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…….. I LOIKE VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tukar Kastam…. Tukar JPJ….. Tukar Polis…….BTW….. This menteri is MINISTER OF DEFENCE and only ACTING MINISTER OF TRANSPORT……… Why so kepochi lar……. MEMANG TAK DER ORANG LAIN KE YG BOLEH JADI ACTING MINISTER OF TRANSPORT????? Mesti ke 1 menteri kena jaga 2 kementerian?????? besar betul pocket yg nak di fill up kan tu………
    • Zamani Ali I think this is just a canard to boost local car sales. Local cars are actually quite good. It’s just that they aren’t on par with other offerings.  As long as a car is road worthy it should be allowed to be driven. Accidents are mostly caused by irresponsible drivers.
    • DrFelix Chong How about politicians more than two terms??? Diapers and politicians needs to be changed regularly, and both for the same reasons!!!
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I think this new proposal is BRILLIANT because even my most docile and gentlest and apolitical friends have started to voice out their unhappiness, which was what happened to me 5/5/13. So please, yes, give us more reasons to stand up and fight.
    • Faizal ‘Peja’ Husin Relaksss brader. …brader relakss….
    • Weng Yeaw haha who said malaysia got no talent hihihi.. plenty.. just the govt scared to use them.. because they know if these group are being given important roles.. their roles will be exposed very very fast.. haha
    • Ben Sharif I think we should seriously consider eol of BN politicians to 2 terms only. We can apply the same argument they use to determine the eol of cars. LOL.
    • Khoo Sin Dee I dont know anything about economics, car engineering nor any pro fields. But during my many visits in the GH, i once bbsit two adik who were left in an old junk car(with dents all around), looked more like psr mlm store house, coz they dad had gone to bring their tuk for diabetic treatment. I thought it was dangerous for kids to be left alone in the car, any thing cld happen, fr kidnap to starting the car out of mischief. I stayed outside of the car had a chat with little adik. Old junk car n their dad, reminds me of poverty. That’s what relates to me when this post comes by.
    • Roza Howton Rather than limiting the car lifespan, why don’t JPA improve the testing criteria for getting driving licences, better training for drivers, more safety awareness and kempen “pandulah dengan berhemat”? Or even subsidies “mandatory yearly vehicle road-worthiness tests”? In a lot of countries, the AGE of the car is not as important as it’s road-worthiness.

      Oh, that, and making traffic offences finable on the spot and the monies goes directly to improve public transport. Bukan “masuk poket” ajaib, lepas tu lesap entah ke mana.

      The development of a “cheap and safe car” does not necessitate too many expensive testings, if the drivers are safety oriented, and are fastidious in maintenance. Take the Tata Nano of India. Cheapest functional car available in the market, produced locally there.

      Sure it’s not as classy or “as safe” as an Audi or Hyundai, but it enabled lots of lower middle class people to afford a safer mode of transport (compared to a moped) for their families. 

      Of course, change of outlook from “car as Luxury and Status Symbol” to “essential mode of transport for families” is a very drastic thing. Until that happens, the prices of cars will always remain high.

    • Mazlyn Mustapha Thank you Roza Howton, thank you.
    • Roza Howton LOL. I don’t like conflicts. 😛 I like solving puzzles with solution that is accommodating to all.

      I just don’t do politics — stage fright!

    • Amy Mohamed I LIKE I LIKE I LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……… Roza Howton…… All the changes can be made IF we change the people on top o the pyramid……. :):)
    • Roza Howton Not really an original idea, by all means. Vehicle road worthiness is standard in EU and North America. Road penalties paying for public transport is an EU model. In Northern canada and scandinavian countries they even enforce “defensive driving” lesso…See More
    • Ben Sharif Where I live in New South Wales, all private cars older than 5 years must pass a road worthiness inspection before they can be re-registered for another period of 1 year. The inspections incur a fee of $25.00. The owners of those vehicles that failed the inspections must undertake appropriate actions/repairs before submitting the vehicles for a re-inspection.
    • Amy Mohamed Hehehehehehe……. true true true…..
    • Amy Mohamed Out of topic experience…… Ireland will charge for plastic bags therefore when we go groceries shopping….. mesti bawa bags…… now that i am in malaysia….. it is like a routine to bring tesco reusable bags to do groceries……. walaupun it is…See More
    • Mazlyn Mustapha You’re so good Amy Mohamed, meet my other environmentalist friend Ayana Chaskar 🙂
    • Mazlyn Mustapha This is the longest thread, cant un-public it just yet.
    • Ayana Chaskar Clap clap Amy Mohamed, continue the good work! We need more ppl like u in the community for us to change our mentality and grow out of our current selfish, finger-pointing mind-set!! 
      We need to advocate environmental studies to be taught at grass-root levels ie nursery, kindergartens & schools. Then perhaps Msia will have some hope. The current ‘touch & go’ science syllabus just isn’t ample…….
    • Shaun Khee plastic bags will not help much .. environment change is inevitable. better spend time and effort/money to adapt
    • Amy Mohamed Ayana…..When the Irish govern announced the levy on plastic bags….I can tell you that a lot of people could not take this change….. people still think ahhhhhh it is only 20 cents…… apa ada masalah…… but 20 cents accumulated to 20 euro and…See More
    • Amy Mohamed Shaun Khee……. Every little helps…..
    • Zamani Ali I think the MoT tests in the UK make sense. Although I am not 100% familiar with it but I have many car aficionado friends there and from what I have read it is geared towards both road safety and environmental preservation.

      In some states in the US t…See More

    • Ben Sharif Shaun Khee, death too is inevitable. Should we then continue smoking and spend time and effort to adapt to breathing Carbon monoxide? Just thinking aloud and not meaning to be argumentative 🙂
    • Amy Mohamed DrFelix Chong…… Kaya kaya kaya……. So this means with all this business that has made him a billionaire now with a good connection with orang atasan…… maknanya he can buy the molding equipments that we need to build the proton cars rather than getting them imported into the country…….. CAN CAN CAN?????
    • Shaun Khee yes .. smoke good cigars … and drink good drinks .. dont waste time on poor quality goods
    • Shaun Khee amount spend to ‘save’ the environment is disproportional to the benefits
    • Amy Mohamed In Ireland, National Car Testing (NCT) are done to cars older than 4 years…… So i you buy a new car you will get 4 years ree from NCT….. at 4th bday….. must book or test ……pay or it….. if pass….. dapat certiicate valid for 2 years………See More


      Applus+ Car Testing Service Ltd, is responsible for the operation of the compuls…ory vehicle inspection programme in Ireland. This programme which falls under the directive 2009/40/EC is in its thirteenth year of operation and its primary aim is to improve road safety and enhance environmental protec…See More
    • Shaun Khee biggest problem is malaysia is not the lack of laws , it is the lack of enforcement of laws. If traffic and parking laws were properly enforcement, government can afford to give free fuel to all citizens payable with traffic and parking fines alone.
    • Ben Sharif Hahaha…  Must disagree with your assertion Shaun. Whilst it may be true that enforcements in Malaysia are lacking at the best of time, a properly executed enforcement regime will reduce revenue derived from fines due to the reduction of rule breakers as a result. We may not gain free petrol but we will be able to enjoy an orderly and quality lifestyle.
    • Shaun Kee Death penalty does not deter drug traffickers or murders in malaysia. There will always people who think that they are above the law and would be able to pay the fines. EG : parking during friday 12-2, weekend shoppers in KL and PJ. Drunk drivers. and motorcyclist.. underage and without safety helmet.
    • Ben SharifCaveats: I am making a very generous assumption that Malaysians are compliant to rules and regulations…  I am just being sarcastic ok? Chill!!
    • Shaun Khee when police are around  .. i see the speedy compliance to the rules …
    • Emmanuel Joseph Shaun you not done trolling on my wall you had to come to my friends’ to troll as well ah?Any data to back your assertion?10% of all solid waste is plastic,12.3 million tonnes of waste.How is that not helpful to stop?
    • Emmanuel Joseph Mere observations isn’t enough to prove a point.
    • Shaun Khee you are not open-minded enough .. saving the environment would not help the inevitable climate change. amount you save is disproportional to the benefits. temperature will rise , by doing so will only postpone the climate change by 3-5 years at most.
    • Shaun Khee for someone who believe in religion, any proof?
    • Amy Mohamed I understand it is disproportional…. But as i said… Every little helps…. So if 1 person starts and preach to other… Maybe more to come will do so too… I know u are thinking on a bigger scale…. But i am more thinking of a smaller scale which is my own household only… And i spread it to my friends… And i let others see what i am doing…. Itu sahaja…. Be an example itu sahaja….. Tq
    • Shaun Khee amy, you may google climate change hoax …
    • Emmanuel Joseph Aiya please la you just enjoy it =) Like I said before the way you mock Christians,I just dare you reproduce your tirade in Jakim’s site.You believe in your cause right,do it lo =)
    • Emmanuel Joseph You’re a conspiracy theorist who believes Freakonomics as a valid academic source =) I gave the stats,what are your numbers to show reversing plastic use doesn’t help slow down climate change? When you lessen non-biodegradable substances in circulation,how does this not help?
    • Emmanuel Joseph Anwar Ibrahim,waste of time,religion waste of time,heck you don’t even like the institute you study in,yet you remain here anyway.What does that make you? =D
    • Ben Sharif Amy, many of what being said are perceptions and individual values.
      Take this hypothetical :
      A 90 year old man crossing the road very slowly. When he reached the middle of the  road, there came a speeding truck. …See More
    • Emmanuel Joseph Yes Ben,beautifully put.There are pessimistic people out there just ready to pour cold water on any positive effort by anyone because its ‘pointless’.
    • Shaun Khee someone who takes what you can. temper your expectations.
    • Shaun Khee the stats you give just slows down the inevitable. the solutions that one does is only a short term solution.
    • Shaun Khee come on,, even you have to admit it .. some of their management leaves a lot to be desired .. but then not going to help them put money in the pocket/ Now let me address the old man … life is measured differently .. to the old man .. the value of time suddenly is more important. a few weeks to him will be a lifetime. Hence measurement of life in that way does not really work.
    • Emmanuel Joseph Conversely,you could also say someone who pessimistically criticizes the doers on the notion its pointless with the grand view that ‘education is better’-though not really able to justify it, whilst simultaneously doing nothing to either effect? I believe the scientific term would be – ‘sideline critic’
    • Kirsten Toh · Friends with Shaun Khee and 1 other

      Are they serious? i have a 12 yr old car that is running great. i used it for short distances within my housing enclave.  this 12 year thing is bad policy. why waste what is still usable with value. there is already enough wastage in this country. the value of all cars will drop immediately with the enactment of this policy….and the money wasted on new cars!
    • Kirsten Toh · Friends with Shaun Khee and 1 other

      when are we going to vote this government out??!!!! what does it take for all Malaysians to wake up?
    • Shaun Khee need to have some rules to govern poorly maintained older cars. having an old car is alright as long it is maintained. Some still want to maintain the current government .. voting them out would require a strong opposition, which we have none.
    • Shaun Khee One can be asked for solution … always come up with possible solutions .. solutions may not be perfect but better than none. For example .. reduce and eliminate the use of any race / religion in the constitution …
    • Emmanuel Joseph how can you eliminate something in a constitution?The whole notion of a constitution is stability and permanence.
    • Shaun Khee 2/3 majority in malaysian parliament .. can eliminate and change it ..
    • Emmanuel Joseph That defeats the idea of a constitution.That’s what we’ve been against in the first place.Impractical and ridiculous to eliminate the one major cornerstone in attaining independence la.Anyway sorry Maz,digressed on your wall.
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I don’t have the time to read all this, sorry!
    • Shaun Khee should a constitution adapt to the needs of the people .. even if it is written?
    • Shaun Khee 12 yrs cars against constitution? against right to life?
    • Emmanuel Joseph What the heck you talking?Why whenever you carry out a conversation you call in the sun la the moon la….
    • Shaun Khee was fine until you came along ..haha
    • Emmanuel Joseph Yea tell me about it,suka suka masuk wall orang masuk campur conversation orang.You must be lack of friends la.
    • Shaun Khee you must be qiuck to jump to conclusion .. re read it again … haha little boy
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Please don’t fight on my timeline :). I’m taking this off for storage in my blog. Thanks everyone, appreciate your participation.
    • Shaun Khee exactly .. cant discuss the issue without getting personal …