So sad…this patient came to check BP and fasting glucose after taking supplements/health products to see if it is affective…
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  • Cheong Mei Yee Ask him if he wants to volunteer for medical trial next time.
  • Ravin Zhong Must be the products claiming to be evidence-based, scientifically proven, 100% natural and allergy free.
  • Shaun Khee MLM product .. the danger of endorsement ..
  • Mazlyn Mustapha So I had to become a lecturer again for a few minutes…
  • DrFelix Chong There are Pts coming in asking my opinion about such and such brand of supplements. That really puts me in a hard place ethically!
  • Kharmila Abdullah When testimony becomes the best evident.
  • Hafiza Razali not surprised at all… 🙂
  • Sunita Kaur was it effective ?
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Obviously not, hence the ‘so sad’. BP was increased and so was fasting sugar. I took time to explain to the patient that its not a good idea to stop medication without discussing with the doctor first, and to please restart all the medications ASAP. If patient wants to take additional supplements its fine, but bring them in so that we can check together 🙂
  • Shaun Khee Everyone thinks they can self medicate. If weed then maybe
  • DrFelix Chong What I am afraid are those that ask yr opinion abt how good barnd X is then goes around selling yr name…Dr F recommends brand X.
  • Mazlyn Mustapha There’s that danger as well DrFelix Chong.
  • Ravin Zhong It’s actually part of their strategy to utilise doctors word-of-mouth as they feel a doctor can help sell their product better than a lay person.
  • Mohd Iqbal Iyen Then the person who sold the supplements will tell the patient: it is usual findings before the supplements take an effects…:)
  • Thomas Crown Thank you for sharing this and hope the patient can restart the meds soon. I had an uncle who did this without us knowing. When we realized, it was already too late.
  • Ravin Zhong The dangers posed by these companies are real. Enforcement is lax against these companies or any just a slap on the wrist fine. At times, they play doctor to hard-sell their products and are adamant that theirs is the best.
  • Saliza Abd Aziz My late mum in law..may god bless her soul… with a bag of medication and oxygen tank. … but with the great free advice by family members at the kampung she forgo her medicine and op for the chinese medicine!.. without us knowing it (family in KL)!!.. she was able to release herself from depending on the oxygen tank for 3weeks..which gave her the confidence that it had heal her… unfortunate turn of even when she came back to KL for her appoinmt she had a fit attack and lost consciousness as my sis inlaw rush her to the hospital in the military ambulance. Her heart stop twice in the ambulance. … well she lived another 2years from the incident and it became a huge lesson to my inlaws sibling n children! .. it could have been avoided but having people around with the same mentality does not save the situation..
  • Nazatul Shiha True story: My late grandma, at that time was about 80+ y/o had a hypoglycemic attack simply because she refused to eat for several days (this was another story all together). She had no underlying diseases prior to that.  At that time, she stayed with one of my cousins at the kampung. My cousin who was a college lecturer quickly gathered the kampung folks and they started to read Quran thinking that my grandmom was about to passed away (nazak). Then my parents came to his house after learning the [bad] news. One look at my grandma, my father quickly scooped her up and brought her to the nearest hospital. There she was given the proper treatment and she lived after that for a few more years! I’m sorry its not that related however the status above triggers the memory 😉