Now that MBA is coming to an end (15,000 dissertation is a beginning, not an end, but anyway, its the end of official classes), it’s time to focus on other neglected projects:
1) TV appearance (oh, this was just added to the list a few hours ago after receiving an invitation on facebook. Apparently, the program is about pursuing further studies. I’m not a master at this, but I have some experience… to share). I’m wondering whether they want me to encourage or discourage people. You see, when I write about my MBA experience on facebook, I have no intentions/ulterior motives other than sharing my thoughts about the experience. Yes, I am glad it has opened doors and yes, appearing on TV was one of my bucket list items. Exciting times!
2) Half marathon coming up in 47 days and the longest I have run during training is 8.5 km, still a lot more to do. (Last year I had been able to run more than 10 km but have never done 21 km before. This will definitely be fun).
3) Joining a political party. Planning to meet DAP leaders soon and will take it from there.
4) Publishing my first book and finish writing the other 5. Will visit the publisher again. I guess they must be wondering what happened to me. I forgot to tell them about MBA. 5) Medical career. Still exploring options. No final decision made as yet. 6) Now that facebook group #1 BOOKS & GIFTED MINDS is doing well, it’s time to initiate facebook group #2, FUTURE DOCTORS & GIFTED MINDS.See More