Suddenly, a conversation that took place a decade ago comes to mind. I do not remember what the patient looked like, other than the fact that she was a mother like me. I also do not recall the reason why our paths crossed. Those details are fuzzy.
What I do remember is this:
Patient: I had another child. He/she was died when he/she was just a little girl/boy. He/she had diphtheria. Me: I’m sorry to hear that. That must have been a long time ago. It (diphtheria) is very rare nowadays because we have vaccines.
At the back of my mind I’m thinking, until this day, I have never seen a patient with diphtheria, and I am very grateful for that, and I hope it stays that way.
  • M Khalis M Khalil I have seen 4 of them(siblings), got admitted to the hospital in Klang Valley. Typical presentation. Yep, not vaccinated-pity them, not their parents…
  • Khoo Sin Dee Dear Doc, the last booster is at 18 months right? thanks for sharing this. may i know what’s ur advice on Pneumococcal? thanks. 🙂
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Khoo Sin Dee I believe so, suddenly cant find the national immunisation schedule (medical colleagues, please correct me if I’m wrong – thanks). Personally, I have not vaccinated my own kids for pneumococcal, for some patients it maybe indicated. Please consult your doctor also 🙂
  • Khoo Sin Dee Thanks doc. frankly we dont have any private paed or so. Actually we hv stopped vaccination after my kids reached 2, i.e. we skipped the much discussed MMR after that. But definitely knowing the fact about DPT is a good thing. At least, perhaps MMR can be optional but not DPT. correct me if i am wrong. 🙂
  • Mazlyn Mustapha… Just posting this article because the immunisation schedule is there. Khoo Sin Dee: my kids get MMR too because I do not want a measles/mumps/rubella outbreak that happened in UK when I was a medstudent due to the MMR vaccine scare; there was an outbreak of measles with several deaths from measles pneumonia & measles meningitis, even though no research could prove link between MMR and autism up till today

    Combination vaccines are just as effective as individual vaccines, and much more hassle-free.
  • Khoo Sin Dee thanks doc. were the ppl in UK taking single dose of measles? my argument is that measles was sth that everyone got it when we were young and no one seems to become retarded due to measles,….not of i know of. and many of us caught mumps and there were no issue of it esp with girls. n i only get jab for rubella at 15yrs old and i thought getting it jab at too young of age doesnt sound safe. just my thought. Pls share more ya. thanks. 🙂
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Khoo Sin Dee: I understand your point on measles and I agree to a certain extent. Read more about measles. For most people it is not a serious illness, but it is contagious and has complications which can kill; encephalitis, pneumonia etc. Because of those serious complications I recommend this vaccine.

    This page provides links to descriptions of activities, reports, news and events…, as well as contacts and cooperating partners in the various WHO programmes and offices working on this topic. Also shown are links to related web sites and topicsSee More
  • Rizalina Bahari It has serious complications for those with weakened immune sys..even fatal for them:((. While your child may survive measles without d jab..u may unknowingly pass it on to some other unfortunate child who will develop complications.
  • Rizalina Bahari Mazlyn: yes me too I advise vaccinations based on risk of complications. Having said that my kids didnt get Rotavirus or chickenpox jab.
  • Siti Awa Abdul Ghalib So sad that right now there are so many educated ppl who are antivaccine have blogs some more
  • Taqi Azy tu la, and because they are educated, they feel so headstrong about not vaccinating huhu
  • Khoo Sin Dee Thanks for your kind sharing and interesting discussion, docs. While i cant say for all, but i think there is also another issue on 1. unpublished research that are hampering drugs/vaccines manufacturers profit(i mean where can doctors get free trips/seminars to all over the world if not the sponsor by drugs and vaccines companies—sorry if i am offending anyone, but this is not my intention, i wish to understand from a broader point), 2. halal issue on vaccines ingredients, 3. are the results of death related to non-vaccine statistically significant? vs the results of death related to vaccine child (i mean we cant take 1 or 2 cases of death on non vaccine victims). Please share your view. Would like to know more. Thanks. 🙂
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Hi Khoo Sin Dee: thanks for bringing up these valid points. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on perspective), doctors need drugs and drug companies need doctors. So far I have not been on any trip sponsored by any drug company, all my holidays were paid by my parents, myself and my husband so far 🙂 so I think I can say I have no vested interests in my advocacy of vaccinations. Here are some articles which will hopefully address your other concerns 2. and 3. above, maybe you can share it with your friends.…/SafetyA…/VaccineSafety/UCM096228…,…/9-reasons-to…/,,

    ** Thimerosal is approximately 50% mercury (Hg) by weight. A 0.01% solution (1 p…art per 10,000) of thimerosal contains 50 µg of Hg per 1 mL dose or 25 µg of Hg per 0.5 mL dose.*** The term “trace” has been taken in this context to mean 1 microgram of mercury per dose or less.1 HibTiITER was also man…See More
  • Khoo Sin Dee yeah….Dr Mazlyn, i can tell too….from your integrity, you should be one of the doctors with well conscience and hence sponsored trips wont come to you so soon. (and perhaps that’s why i am daring enough to consult you these questions). Let me go through them and hopefully i am not bugging you with questions. It’s so good to have you putting in effort. I see humanity in docs like you. 🙂
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Actually Khoo Sin Dee, I am glad you brought it up. This is the only way that others can see; we (doctors) have nothing to hide. Keep the questions coming, we can only address genuine concerns when we understand what the issues are.
  • Taqi Azy Can’t imagine anybody being sponsored purely for holiday, but conferences, yes.
  • Siti Awa Abdul Ghalib Ya i agree.. conferences yes but not holiday