• I had to literally dig through all my old photo albums to look for pictures of my beloved MRSM Taiping. Perhaps not the best two years of my life, but certainly, a very memorable two years.
    I grew up in PJ and most of my childhood memories revolve around, well, PJ. Then I decided to don the hijab after SRP exams in form 3 (I was in the last SRP batch, thereafter the exam was called PMR) and I thought that staying in PJ in Sri Aman All-Girls High School, although one of the best schools at that time and has maintained its reputation up till today, I opted to go to boarding school.
    Why? Well, there were a few reasons. One of the strongest, I remember was, because I needed a change in environment that would help me remain strong with adhering to the hijab. The other was because I thought it was fun. (Boy, was I wrong about that). My sister, who was one year older than me, had many friends who left Sri Aman to join MRSM Taiping, at that time the best MRSM in the country and she would share all the exciting stories from her friends, although she opted to stay in Sri Aman.
    And so there I was, 3 hours drive from PJ, standing in horror looking at my new “bed”. Of course it was a culture shock for me, being a spoilt brat I had to learn to do my own laundry, iron my own clothes, adapt to food that was not my mothers cooking, it was a nightmare and for the first 6 months I cried almost every night because I was homesick.
    In the beginning my own parents especially my mum tried to talk me out of it. But I was adamant, and I had made up my mind so I think they let me go, because they knew I can be quite stubborn when I want to.
    Because I had wanted to go on my own account, I could never give up and go back (the word ego comes to mind here), which many students actually did in the first few days. I knew giving up was not an option and I had to adapt. It wasn’t easy, I wont lie. I even regretted it in the beginning. As a result, I didn’t do too well in the first 6 months exam, but, I became stronger. If I didn’t learn anything else, I knew that I had something within me that I could call upon in times of difficulty that would carry me through.
    After adapting, I began to really enjoy the experience of being in boarding school. The independence, the struggle, the new friends, the wild boars that would break into the guys dormitories and the guys who would break into the girls dormitories. The teachers were really good, chemistry became my favourite subject, I did love physics and biology too. Add maths teacher was too kind and never reprimanded me for sleeping in his class, so I was encouraged to sleep even more.
    The only things that I would change if I could was the level of English, I felt that I could correct my teachers grammar and that a lot of other students didn’t speak it as much as back in Sri Aman, so I did feel this was a weakness of the system.
    The second thing that I would improve, which could probably relate to the first point in paragraph just above, is having more friends from different backgrounds. It was the first time for me to have friends from outside of Klang Valley, and I learnt (well, I couldn’t speak it but I picked up some new terms) the different dialects and realised that even though growing up I always felt that I was relatively poor, there were many others who were far worse than me. So I learned to appreciate others from different backgrounds and I learnt there is beauty in diversity.
    In Sri Aman, I had friends from various different backgrounds too but we had more in common, we spoke in English most of the time, most were well-to-do, and grew up in Klang Valley.
    But reading the blog that posted last night, brought back memories of this song (anak kecil main api) and there were certain circumstances where some agenda’s had been discussed but I cant remember anything in detail. I cant say with complete certainty that there was brain-washing nor can I say with complete certainty that there wasn’t.
    Did I enjoy my experience in MRSM? Of course. Did I learnt a lot? More than I ever set out to do. Am I proud to say I was once a MRSM student? Yes.  Could it have been better? Definitely.
    The reason I posted the blog, just like the reason behind any other controversial issue (like the LGBT article) is one and only one, I want to hear other people’s opinion on issues that can and will be politicised. Period. I never said I agree with them, I never said I disagreed. But I’d like to know everything, and be prepared from every angle.
    • Rizal Razi U r a tepen girl? Which class?
    • Shaun Khee Haha. Someone calculating your age perhaps
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I told my age on national TV already, its no secret Shaun Khee 😀
    • Shaun Khee never watch any national tv .. nothing good on tv. MSRM .. could be like one of the nazi way adopted by malaysia after national service and control of the media. Training and brainwashing the young thru schooling. The attempt to brain wash is there, whether one was successfully brain washed is another. However having said that, the schools founded by Christians in the country try to do the same. Seems to be the most effective way to control the young.
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I don’t watch TV either. Well, we can argue that the whole school system is a form of indoctrination, I have written about that already but I could do another piece just for you Shaun Khee 🙂
    • Saliza Abd Aziz My older children had their first taste of boarding school in form 4 n 5. Had a pampered life from bangsar to KD and straight to MRSM. Surprisingly they enjoyed their stay the moment we send them there… beside my son calling me at 6am the nextday asking me on  how much of detergent should he put in his pail of laundry … he he he… all their life we had maids taking care of their needs… so I assume they would have it bad. But. .. surprise. .surprise.. they enjoyed staying in boarding school and both did very well on both.. studies and religious.. . I would say they are slightly pious…ha ha ha. My son came home during the study leave holidays and he was at the mosque at the wee hours to perform his kia’mulai with friends.. Do I need to say more about MRSM… another thing… is that my children had the privilage of mixing with not well to do children and when i buy their cloths they request if possible dont have any brand names on the cloths because they dont want to upset their friends feelings… .. I hope my youngest one who is 10yrs old at the moment will have the privilege to attend MRSM in her secondary tertiary.
    • Shaun Khee No need, i can peruse the old entries. Another thing, when should one be sent to the boarding school? 12? 8? 7? 17?
    • Rizal Razi My junior then. The teachers, i felt were sincere and interested in their vocation. No brainwashing during my time, i felt.
    • Mazlyn Mustapha There is never one answer that could apply to everyone Shaun Khee, my hubby when he was 13, me when I was 16. It depends on a lot of things I guess.
    • Saliza Abd Aziz If it is in the UK for the privilage few like my good friend.. he was sent at 6yrs old!.. he turns out very well and grounded. So Im a bit of a family person so I would like to keep my children with me till I know its time to let them go… so the normal system would be 13yrs old or 16yrs old
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Looks like I will have to write a separate status update on indoctrination again…never mind, I haven’t shared my views on home-schooling yet, so that would be fun, surely 😀
    • Muliati Yunos Hey… at the same MRSM I met a girl who wear hijab and even stokin. She was not a kampung girl like me who also hijrah to fully wear hijab.. and yes I was to naive that time who thought that city kids would never like to wear hijab during their teens, born to be smart, ego etc… and yet this girl surprisingly very friendly mixed with all kind of us. In my heart, there is ‘something’ about this girl… Suddenly she inspired me a lot.. and after few years..in fb she inspired me again… MRSM is not perfect…”a failure” I dont agree… “would be better if” this sounds nicer… yes in MRSM I did learn a lot..
    • Shaun Khee if home schooled, then one will always win all the awards from top sportsman to top academic. teachers pet. and as well as scholarship? haha
    • Norakmar A Latiff Shaun Khee… I disagree with  u….MRSM or any school is not there to brainwash anybody but to uplift the educational level of bumiputera especially those from kampungs…which left far behind back then…. I believe once u have been educated…. No body can brainwash u …. Because they can think by themselves what is good or bad base on their own perception, background n culture, etc…
    • Shaun Khee brainwashing can occur no matter what is your education level ; suicide bombers is a prime example.
    • Michael Khaw Nobody wants to be controlled in their thinking and brainwashing is a No No. Luckily we have internet now, so everything is open for all to know and judge. Good or bad, you decide.
    • Shaun Khee 911 pilots .. internet was also open …
    • Paul Packianathan Do not become so open minded that your brain falls out.
    • Ruskie Grey Brainwashing involves a few disciplines.If one knows and understand those disciplines..brainwashing does not happen
    • Ruskie Grey For people here that I have read on the disagreements ..you need to learn those disciplines of what I have stated.
    • Ruskie Grey Brainwashing is the hurdle that blocks you from thinking for one
    • Aneesa Abdul Rashid I went to mrsm taiping too. I was previously in a school in Kelantan. I had just moved a few years back from the UK where my father finished his PhD. Going to that school felt like a breath of fresh air. Since it was a new school the oppurtunitiea for me for co-curriculur activities was wide. Prior to that i had very little chance.

      What I didnt like was the senior-junior 1 year relationship.

      It thought good religious teachings and we werent brainwashed. Having said this. I havent read the article yet.


    • Mazlyn Mustapha I agree about the senior thing Aneesa Abdul Rashid 🙂
    • Azlindarita Aisyah Mohd Abdullah I like being in MRSM. It taught me to become an independent person, taught me about “competition” (I was the jaguh kampung in my previous secondary school), I like the religious approach to a lot of things especially the Usrah. Loved the food (honestly! We were the best Dewan selera at that time). I learned about life…

      To be the top ten from 333 excellent students (all got 8A in PMR to join MRSM Jasin), requires  a LOT of hard work.

      And until today, it has become my life moto. Success is usually spelt with “hard work”. Nothing is impossible. I started quite humbly at form four, but my parents were my biggest motivator. I wanted to get 10A1, to beat my own personal record.

      The environment in MRSM definitely helped. One of the best place I’ve been after NAtional Uni of Ireland Galway 🙂

    • Nurman Yaman semua alumni mrsmart ghuponyer
    • Shaun Khee should msrm maintain the way it is run .. or allow non malays/muslims into the school? adapting to modern ways?
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam “The only things that I would change if I could was the level of English, I felt that I could correct my teachers grammar and that a lot of other students didn’t speak it as much as back in Sri Aman, so I did feel this was a weakness of the system. “
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam yup for you maybe it is the weakness of the system since you are superior than most of us from kampung. Imagine a guy like me from kampung learnt a lot from the ‘superior being’ in that campus. It is about lending a hand to become superior together  Mustapha. I do appreciate the time that I had back then.
    • Shi Han Shaun Khee already modern… what do you mean by modern? Those days the school already had computer lab. And fyi mrsm do have chinese and indian… I.e. mrsm balik pulau etc.
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam @shaun kee you socialise more with malays…..then only you will understand.
    • Shaun Khee assumption again ..haha ..
    • Shaun Khee just follow singapore system … main language english .. you can learn a 2nd language .. if you wish. or even a 3rd. you need to open your minds now .. not just socialise with one race and become a katak
    • Julia Mohd Nordin Alhamdulillah…ingat yg baik2 saje..especially those fatherly n motherly teachers..n of course those annoying-boyish classmates…hahahha..*bunyi macam kasaqqq jaaa..
    • Shi Han Are you referring to yourself Shaun Khee… because me and Khairul Azam speak in english and even or 3rd language is arabic. Well we are product of mrsm… so then… who is a fail product? I guess that dr azly is.
    • Shaun Khee nope. sigh .. the result of poor English. narrow minded is the product. haha
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam yes..we do have it here Shaun Khee, we try to uphold Bahasa Melatu and english, but do you think chinese would forego mandarin? do you think indian forego tamil, most of them these guys go to SRJK and they can’t even speak english better than mandarin..so the point is, it’s up to you people…the same goes to malay..i do hope malay can speak english better from time to time..
    • Norakmar A Latiff We are malaysian … So bahasa should be the first language …. English is the 2nd language… We are not living in UK or USA…. Otherwise we will lost our identity….  Base on survey, malaysian is the best english speaking asian even better than singaporean…. Go google
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam Julia Mohd Nordin, sapa yang annoying boyish tu? mat jaws ka? aku tak masuk list haaa..aku 511..sebelah naaaa…
    • Shaun Khee It is not up to you people. government can just clamp down. Everyone studies and speak English, you may learn the 2nd or 3rd language which can be either malay, mandarin, tamil or even some European language if you wish. Again , you were told to refer to the Singapore system. they have a plural society such as ours.
    • Julia Mohd Nordin Kekekkekeke, Khairul Azam..mmm..I shud say 90% of the boys laaaa..but we learnt from each other gak 🙂
    • Shi Han Norakmar A Latiff agreed.. I went to Millbrook and the IT guy there praised our English.  He even amazed when we asked for password only. If client from other places usually they ask the IT guy to setup the network.  Well we are not that far away from being a developed country.
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam that is what we are trying to do..the word kebangsaan mean to group all the races under one roof to get the same curriculum..but then there will be warriors objecting here and there..the thing is simple, grouping first let the program run and improvise from time to time…
    • Shi Han Shaun Khee plural society that dictated by lky regime… ha ha ha
    • Julia Mohd Nordin Biarla org nak “pandang rendah” ngan Bahasa Melayu..kita org Melayu yg kena “pandang tinggi” ngan bahasa kebangsaan kita..bahasa mencerminkan bangsa…*haaaaa, skrg cikgu nak ajar sivik & kenegaraan 🙂
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam hahahahaha…baik cikgu..saya dengaq cikgu..
    • Shaun Khee language is just a product… what is the use? world wide .. not as much as mandarin. Usage? Even foreigners are learning mandarin. think about it … want to be katak or not?
    • Julia Mohd Nordin Kekekkekekeke..sat nak ajak cikgu Ghani join  n bagi komen…hahahhahah
    • Shi Han Cikgu ghani rocks…
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam hahahaah…but you live in malaysia…you need to respect the importance of bahasa melayu..i’m not saying it wrong to learn mandarin, but you need to know that you have to respect it. If you live in india, you need to learn hisdustani language apart from english..it is not wrong to learn mandarin..your mind got so twisted Shaun Khee
    • Mazlyn Mustapha There was excellent command of Bahasa Malaysia/Bahasa Melayu at both MRSM & Sri Aman, but, the level of English mastery was a world of difference. In Sri Aman we had choral reading, literature, poetry, Shakespeare (ok, my imagination), I am not saying that I am in any way better than anyone else, but growing up, my late father always spoke in English at home and never ‘talked down’ or ‘dumbed down’ his language to us (his children), and when in kindergarten, primary and secondary school before boarding school, everyone spoke both languages not just during English or Bahasa Class. I also read a lot, which contributed to my proficiency but having an environment where it is used widely certainly helps raise the level. What I am trying to say is, this can be thought to other schools too. Is it necessary? I don’t know. It would be to a persons advantage to know and master as many languages as they can, in my humble opinion.
    • Shaun Khee No need to respect it actually. It will die off eventually if it is under used. Mandarin is learnt because it is going to be widely used. China – economical power. Only if Malaysia reach that standard then the language will be used by others.
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I have taken lessons in Arabic, Mandarin, Hindustan, French, I try…
    • Shaun Khee bm only useful in malaysia and indonesia .. maybe brunei .. outside .. a bit useless. English would be better. even mandarin now since the power of the chinese in china.
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam Mazlyn Mustapha yes i do understand…but just imagine in kampung, the environment is not in the city, even the best english teacher (mostly from big city) is reluctant to go teaching in kampung. So we have to make do whatever available…I hope you understand my dear friend
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Yes, that’s why we need to develop ways and improve the systems that we have. There are many ways to do this, not just relying on teachers and schools.
    • Norakmar A Latiff Singapore as a country have their own identity created by a long history of its own… So does Malaysia ,also a unique country..created by a long history .. when a system suit Singapore… It dorsnt mean it  suit Malaysia ….
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam so if you are in malaysia please use bahasa…that is what the thing is all about..if you go somewhere else you are free to use any language you want..it is total freedom..but anyway you should respect bahasa melayu…that is the important thing..
    • Maznee Md Sapar Oh sis, u are my super duper senior
    • Shaun Khee so our system works? haha … hiring consultants when a ready viable system that works next door is not adapted? meritocracy does not work? haha
    • Mazlyn Mustapha On my timeline I can choose any language I want to use 😀
    • Julia Mohd Nordin Waaaahhhh…just my humble question Mr.Shaun..were u frm SJ&SMJKC?
    • Shaun Khee in malaysia use english .. if want to be a bangla std ,, continue to use BMelayu
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I think our Bangladeshi friends have their own language right
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam @shaun Khee just one question…when one communicate in english, does it make him more malaysian? and when one communicate in bahasa melayu, does it make him less malaysian?
    • Julia Mohd Nordin ???????? Bangla standard? Waaaaah…this is too much laaaa..
    • Maznee Md Sapar Walau macamana bagus pun bahasa inggeris saya, saya masih lagi berbangga dengan bahasa ibunda saya, jati diri saya… ( bukan bermakna terlalu nasionalis )
    • Shi Han Shaun Khee even bangla can think properly. . Well vera tak bley… at least they tried… I guess they are smarter than you.
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam hahahhaah..ini orang cakap vera stambung…keghantung…bunyik lebih dalam kosong…they called it ah beng or banana…
    • Julia Mohd Nordin Is this some kind of brainwashing as well? Mmmmmm…
    • Norakmar A Latiff I think Shaun Khee is more katak bawah tempurung than others….. he think he is an open minded enough but he had just  prove himself that he is stuck with his idea of other langague is useless… He should think that japanese are very proud of their own language… X boleh bercakap english…. But it doesnt stop their nation to be developed as of today…. So open mind pls….want to be katak or not
    • Saliza Abd Aziz Ha ha ha ha…
    • Felicia Ng You are really an independent spirit, Mazlyn Mustapha.
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Let me remind everyone that the use of derogatory language and name calling is not welcomed on my timeline.
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Please be civil in our debates. Thank you. (I was asked to crowd control by a friend on private message).
    • Zaheera Zainal I believe that language is just a tool. You need different tools for different tasks. The more tools u have the better. Not mastering english does not make a person = katak. Just look at the japs, koreans, french etc. What we need in this world is ppl with clear conscience,  good moral, faith and attitude(not to forget some level of intelligence and common sense). But we are stuck with egoistic, opportunist, fortune oriented ppl that couldn’t care less about patriotism, nationalism or even the environment. (Amboi, mcm bg ceramah pulak, bluekkkk) and I’m not racist btw. The latter ppl I was referring to can either be a corrupt govt servant, idiot factory owners, politicians of any parties or etc. U get the idea.
    • Julia Mohd Nordin Melayu pantang dicabar Doc…especially all our HANG TUAH & HANG JEBAT 🙂
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I know Julia Mohd Nordin. Tell me about it 😉
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam saya maharajalela…lagi gila..hehehehe..kalu setakat mona fendey sebelah mata pun tak pandang haih..hehehehe
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam ok ok…dah divert jauh sangat..sorry doc…heheehhe…commercial sikijap…
    • Nurainun Baniyamin i like when ppl who not used to comment, suddenly commenting….”diam2 ubi berisi”…itu ppth yg benar. Keep cmg, i nak ambik popcorn….
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam aiseh…ppcorn saja ke? join the crowd lar..
    • Julia Mohd Nordin Hahahahahahahha..Nurainun Baniyamin, can give away a jar of cookies for the winner?
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam there is no winner or loser..it is about ‘to make grey a more whiter’….
    • Noha Yatim Nurainun – I hv been eating a big basin of popcorn while following this post.  Kenyang gitu. Hahaha
    • Nurainun Baniyamin i thought so …Julia Mohd Nordin, let the most silent ppl voice out first…Noha Yatim, boleh jadi one of my jury
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam you guys rock girls…. hahahahahaha
    • Khairul Anuar Hafizi Azam we leave this field to you…..
    • Julia Mohd Nordin Noha Yatim..u also can sponsored some brownies? ??
    • Mazlyn Mustapha I was just about to ask for Noha Yatim brownies and Nurainun Baniyamin‘s cookies…then I remembered I’m on a diet 🙂
    • Saliza Abd Aziz As a parents we have to guide our children.. which direction you want them to explore with your knowledgeable guide (alot of asking around to!)… im preparing my youngest daughter for the next wave of economic change. .. so she gets a private tuition in Mandarin. . She reads and write now.. so she might work in China… we never know but I still prepare her.. with every 10 person in the world is a Chinese so I assume it is a wise decision… but then so is indian with its population explosion. … but economic is my decision I incline to Mandarin… we speak english 70% off our family interaction..but once overseas its back to out mother tongue..ha ha ha ha. Being educated in KL half their life my children speaks American English and British English.. I dont know how they got the lingo from with 85% of their secondary school friends are malays… so its up to you what language you wish to speak.. n my children gets A1 for BM in their SPM.. and now mixing around in the local U.. they master the lingo of another states and still maintain their english very well….  so the big question is where are you going to practise/or work… locally or overseas.. speaking malay has its own limitation but im proud of it. Another thing to ponder when the country like to keep their language in their country what is the population countdown.. malaysia on 27mil. Japan is the master of the electronic industry so being the high it does have the perks of keeping it to their language and what is their population? ..  just a thought
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Princess Aiko and Zuraidah Ramly know about the Japanese culture very well.
    • Noha Yatim Back to the article (the article that started this post – by Dr azly rahman) ,  what the writer tries to imply,  is true.  But he shouldn’t mentioned only MRSM.  Oh,  well,  may be he has a life long grudge with mrsm. 
      He should write about education in Malaysia – mrsm,  SBP,  sk,  SJKs.   Or to be precise,  government-funded education.  All this won’t happen if there’s only one school system.  If I’m not mistaken,  only Malaysian government has this so-called polarisation in education system. This will lead to segregation of Malaysians in general,  hence the racism,  etc.
      Btw,  MRSMT rawks.  😀
      Errr.. No brainwash whatsoever.  Except they brainwashed u to be independent)
    • Shaun Khee Yes. 1 school system is needed. Save space and pool resources
    • Norakmar A Latiff This time I agree with u Shaun Kee…. No need venacular school…. No need kebangsaan school… Just school for everyone…with bahasa as first language… And english  as a compulsory 2nd language and an option to learn 3rd language if they want…. But  i still support boarding school system as well… But should be open to all tak kira bangsa….I think we are ready for that now compared to 20 or 30 yrs ago….unfortunately masih ramai yg menantang 1 school system….
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Yup, I wish we can have all the languages at all the schools.
    • Shaun Khee That is the Singapore system. No need to have expensive consultants to help
    • Zamani Ali Yes Mazlyn Mustapha I think they should offer Mandarin and Arabic (or maybe they already do) at MRSM as an elective.
    • Norakmar A Latiff Now in SBP ….they can learn many language… french… Japanese… Arabic…. Last visit to my old school….the student told me…..they even can learn korean now
    • Shaun Khee Should learn anti corruption methods
    • Mohd Bell Haha! MRSM taiping tempat wild boar menetap.. Still remember when playing  football every day..  When the ball goes to the end of the field got to sneak out slowly behind the boars to get it back.. Extra subject in MRSM tepeng is wild boar anatomy.. Can poke the boar when it’s lying dead shot by the hunter the night before.. Remembered the warning don’t go out at night as the hunters at work! Still the boys will “fly” through the jungle in the darkness to get to ? Taman Surya and walk to town/ get taxi and eat the best popiah basah in the world!  MRSM is like the film 300. Send the young warriors to the jungle ( most MRSM in  a jungle somewhere ) and whoever survive will be the warrior in life ! MRSM’s are boarding school dedicated to Malays mainly! To produce professionals and intellectuals among Malays/ bumiputra as many as possible politically.. With the growing multiethnicity fairness demand at the horizon don’t think MRSM like institutions are “likeable” by non Malays.. Sensitive but true.. Multiethnicity and diversity in Malaysia will make any one sided political policy in eg.education  extremely difficult.. Soon to be politician or decision maker should inevitably solve the fairness issue.. Back to earth ! MRSM rocks! Not sure will send my kids there though as nowadays so many non conventional options non mainstream government funded education out there.. Just need to think outside of the box .
    • Nurainun Baniyamin I never thought of if u hv good English, you r good at many other thgs……that’s a very wrong concept. Agreed with Zaheera Zainal.. Language is just a tool. However, learning different languages are great and should be implied into our education system. I would love my kids to learn, BM, English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish etc..  with these they would learn more about other people, culture and belief system. And I thought that’s the best way for them to respect each other and hence respect themselves… MRSM is a good school, very good indeed…..MARESMART is AWESOME because of the people inside ..but yes education system or any system should be improvise frm time to time…
    • Naqiyuddin Misran Mrsm Taiping is certainly a good place to study…well at least I wasn’t nurtured to be a fanatical ultra-Malay as they claimed it to be doing…
    • Shaun Khee It would be easier to learn languages when they are young
    • Nora NorhAyu Zainudin for somebody who lives abroad like me bahasa is the only thing i can pass down to my children and the children of my children so on as a reminder of their root…..and also the means for them to learn the malay custom…..takde dalam any bahasa the word sedan and malu bile menyampuk cakap orang tua2….that is one thing that i want to instil in my children….kalau takde bahasa melayu then i would be stuck to explain to my children whom at school are encouraged to be inquisitive but as orang melayu you have to know when the thin line of kurang ajar and sopan lies…this is when my bahasa melayu comes useful…..people tend to forget nowadays in their pursue of mastering the knowledge of this world that at the end of the day our children are the only thing that remains within our control…..their behaviour their social skill their EQ comes from not the schools they go to but from the home they were raised…..if you look down on your language then there is no hope for your children to carry on the wisdom your parents passed on to you….
    • Amy Mohamed I quote from Nora NorhAyu Zainudin comment ” people tend to forget nowadays in their pursue of mastering the knowledge of this world that at the end of the day our children are the only thing that remains within our control…..their behaviour their social skill their EQ comes from not the schools they go to but from the home they were raised”….. and I agree……. Therefore I very much disagree MRSM will make one who they are today……… Sekian terima kasih……..
    • Mazlyn Mustapha To me language is but a mere tool for communication. The more languages one masters, the better and more advantageous it is for that person. Language is learnt fastest and effortless at ages 0-6 years old. There on after the learning transfers from right brain to left brain (this is what I learnt from Shichida). I agree that language is very much intertwined with culture, but just because one does not master the language does not mean one is less a Malay/Chinese/Indian or whatever. My humble opinion. Culture is a way thinking and a way of doing things as much as it is a fusion of language. An Irish friend once said the Irish language is a dead language because everyone speaks English in Ireland and Gaelic is hardly used, but it doesn’t make them any less Irish.
    • Amy Mohamed Yap…….. And the learning of Gaelic is compulsory for every Irish child. It is also compulsory for any foreign children that joins the education system from 4th class (darjah 4).
    • Julia Mohd Nordin The key point is…jgnla “underestimate” Malaysian yg menggunakan Bahasa Melayu sbg bahasa pertuturan..*dah boleh bagi conclusion ke? Hehehhe..
    • Nora NorhAyu Zainudin Senang kalau nak explain to my kids jangan nak menyampuk ckp org tua nanti nampak macam ibu tak ajar adab, kalau buat mcm tu lagi nanti ibu malu nak bawak pergi rumah orang. …but try to explain in english in english or irish or even korean environment. ..yang memang dalam adab diorang takde lansung konsep biadap kalau menyampuk cakap orang tua2 tgh berbual…..what I am trying to say is to continue to speak the language. …the mastery of language is different. ….I pun tak master bahasa lagi even though I speak the language since I was born….irish people didnt feel less irish by not speaking gealic but I believe they have their own opinion of the English too…somewhat complexity between melayu and chinese have having living together in a country where one race was treated superior than the other…..at the end of the day we have to look after our own identity kalau tak jadikla macam red indian kat us or maori kat nz or aborigines kat oz……this is not brainwashed attitude I got from mrsmt but being abroad too long and being on the wrong side of the superior race….
    • Amy Mohamed I like I like I like…….. bila kat oversea….. we are the minority…… so we understand understand…… hehehhehehehheheheheh
    • Nora NorhAyu Zainudin And this comment is sooo off the tangent…..last time I went to singapore we had to sign language with the bus driver…apparently he was from mainland china and couldn’t speak a word of English….a country where they controlled their own citizen from having too many children then 25years down the line they realised whoooppssss we don’t have enough people to drive build or clean the amenities. …so what do we do???? Lets import other citizens. …give them the nationality at a fraction of a price and VOILA!!!!! Instant solution…..yeahh they are an examplary country!