After the encouragement from an addicted fan plus my ear is feeling much better now, I can restart my MBA exam prep/online open discussion.
I’m going to pick a few salient points for my value chain analysis, and then move on to question no2. (Who would have thought that an audience is actually enjoying reading my MBA material; beyond my wildest imagination. I thought I was being selfish; doing i…t purely for my own self interest.
Three to four differentiation drivers should be more than enough to write on during 45 minutes.
So for the support activities I chose human resource management, page 5 = Esquel’s investment in Gaoming focused on attracting the best labourers in the competitive region to it factories by building dormitories with gym, libraries, free internet access, cafeteria with an assortment of regional cuisines…
This one I’m not too sure: technology development; superior material handling and support technology or is it procurement: purchase of high quality components to enhance product image. Esquel invested in compact spindles (what is a spindle?) to produce better quality yarn, which was crucial to achieveing the fabric hand feel of highest quality garments. p14 (I wish I could bring my facebook into the exam…because my answers are all here). Also; the yarn-dyed weaving factory used the best machines available to minimise defects and ensure high quality of woven fabric.
Danny Han & Nermal Kaur; is this acceptable?
For primary activities: Inbound logistics, there is quick transfer of inputs to manufacturing process because Esquel owned its cotton farms in Xinjiang province, the raw cotton went to ginning mills and spinning mills, both within Xinjiang province.
And for operations: Esquel p14 set up its own fabric mill because it couldn’t find consistent high quality woven and knitted fabrics at reasonable lead time and price.
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