A few days ago I watched as my 10 year old son walked to the car that sends him to school in the morning. He’s probably a bit smaller than the average height and weight for his age. I quietly thought to myself, the school bag he carries is just too heavy for him.
Earlier that same day, I read a friend post on facebook, another doctor colleague who just got his first iphone and I thought for a mom…ent how technology has revolutionised our lives. As a medical student, I used to carry two handbooks in my white coat; the yellow oxford handbook on the right and the BNF on the left, I clearly remember those days, it was heavy and uncomfortable and yet necessary. Nowadays, we just carry a smartphone.
I know there are many people on facebook who are living outside of Malaysia, please share your schooling experience in other countries. Are children required to carry tons of books to school everyday? Is there a better way?See More
  • Afti Rusli Lockers. They have lockers. Since ages ago. I don’t think it’s that expensive to install, don’t u think? And I remember we had pigeon holes in class at primary school in Australia. All educators hav to do is ensure that not every subject has homework every single day so they can rotate what books to bring home 😉

    Don’t think letting kids hav tablets or smartphones in lieu of books is economical or safe for that matter, what with muggers everywhere. 😉

  • Mazlyn Mustapha Lockers are a great idea, will suggest it to the school. :). Agreed; kids should not bring tablets/smartphones, that was just linking the idea that we have great technology at our finger tips, surely we can do something to make school a bit more bearable.
  • Nora NorhAyu Zainudin Mazlyn, my boys are 10yo too, they only carry lunch box and water bottle (optional) to school. Homework comes online on website called mymaths.co.uk and comprehension comes home once a week in an A3 size exercise book, tts all. at home we have many exercise books, past papers and hand outs but tts is my ‘homework’ for them. They only use my 5yo macbook for dictionary but not tablets unless its break time wc they learn to take turn between the 3 of them. Malaysian kids will have issues wd posture soon if they carry on wd tt amnt of books, I saw my nieces and nephews, kesian!
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Yeah its so sad :(, that’s why I have to do something about it. For all (Malaysian) school-children’s sake.
  • Jefri Mohamed-Muslim In Terengganu, the government gives out netbooks loaded with soft copy of the textbook used 💰
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Jefri Mohamed-Muslim: does this mean the kids don’t have to bring the books to school? Or the books are left in school?
  • Sofwan Albar I think the school should be wary and worry of scoliosis among children. The bones are maturing and if they fall into wrong direction things will get dicy…at first use bag with rollers…sometimes it helps…
  • Jefri Mohamed-Muslim Given at standard 4 for all student. And yes, don’t need to bring textbook 😎
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Yeah he used to during standard one Sofwan Albar, but the school has three floors and sometimes the stairs make it difficult when your class is on the top floor so soon after he converted to the wheel-less bag. Jefri Mohamed-Muslim: wow, Terengganu is more advanced than Selangor. Ok, will suggest this too.
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Prof Hanafiah Harunarashid, Khadijah Tifla, Cikgu Hazlan Yahaya…please comment, thanks 🙂
  • Jefri Mohamed-Muslim Again, Terengganu is in a different league 😎
  • Jefri Mohamed-Muslim Aleeya Farzana Aidy, so was it good not having to carry heavy textbook to school?
  • Fathima Shaw · 2 mutual friends

    I know a kid who wheeled around a suitcase with her books… Just an idea lol.
  • Loh Hoong Sheng Well.. at least you are assured that they are unlikely to get osteoporosis when they are older due to the daily weight-bearing exercise.. LOL.. p/s: this is not a medical advice
  • Hazlan Yahaya Pn. Mazlyn Mustapha , starting this year, homework has been given through two mediums that is the traditional way and via FROG (Internet). Frog has been implemented this year and the teachers are struggling learning this new service. Give it some time and in the near future most of the learning and homework will be through FROG either at home or school.

    Heavy bag: I am sure that your son has his timetable for his class. Only bring the books that are required on that day. Since we just got our new timetable, the teachers will instruct the students which book will they bring on the particular day. Just, please remind your son to approach and ask the class teacher.

    Clearly, we are still living in the world relying on books, and YES although we have the technology. I believe it is still not the time to fully implement it into schools. Not right away. We still lack the skills and other important matters about the security of any digital device that is brought or given to the pupils.

    Pro and cons are everywhere. BTW, I’m not representing the school. I’m representing as myself and wanted to give my suggestions to you.

    regarding the locker: If I’m not mistaken, Its has been discussed in the PTA’s General Meeting. I’m not sure what is the outcome of it. I was not there when the topic was discuss.

  • Amy Mohamed Jadual bukan everyday ada all subject… My kids okay jer gie sekolah.. No unnessary books dibawa..
  • Kama Muhammad Lockers get broken. So, lockers must be secured.
  • Anuar Sani each subject ada buku teks, buku aktiviti/kerja, buku nota at the very least.  3books x 6-8 subjects per day… not very clever. iPads or tablets can replace this. Gov ada duit to do this.

    Anyhow, for my son, awal tahun hari tu i beli locker besi dan letak belakang kelas (lepas minta kebenaran guru lah). ringan banyaklah beg dia sekarang ni, bawa balik buku yg ada homework jer.

  • Azri Mohamad Aziz Salam, the teaching approch kat sini style bimbingan. Cikgu akan buat assessment senyap2 dan mana yang perlu perhatian lebih akan ada session extra. Yang lemah dibantu, yang cerdik diberi cabaran baru  sambil diajar membantu yang lemah. Report Card mmg kata yang baik2 sahaja. Takde sistem grading yang menunjukkan anak ini no 1 dalam kelas dan anak sorang lagi yang paling last dalam kelas. Tiada exam sampai umur depa 15 tahun (sama level PMR) dan 17 tahun (macam SPM). Anak2 diajar critical thinking, out spoken, respect and equality. Now my daughter aged 9 is making a short film from several Hollywood movies. They do not need tons of homework, coz they knew already from school. A little homework will do and mmg celah gigi. They don’t hafal sifir, they were taught to understand and use calculator to get the results.
  • Anuar Sani No single approach is perfect. American approach is good, less memorization but more critical thinking. Traditional Islamic approach of getting children to memorize quran very early produces the likes of avicenna, al-ghazali, As shafie etc. Our current system i not totally hopeless, just need a little bit of tweaking here n there to keep up with modern technology.
  • Amy Mohamed Azri Mohamad Aziz …. Nowadays… There is only UPSR and SPM…… No more PMR…. I think UPSR also will be abolish soon as Fiona yg sekarang Darjah 2 is now in PBS (Peperiksaan Berpandukan Sekolah) system… Actually in Dublin they do have assessment every year created by the government …. cuma sekolah tak beritahu mak bapak to minimise patents expectation and havoc and pressure from parents towards their children….To enter in secondary school there is also an assessment exam….. Primary schoo kids in Dublin are thought to develop their skills first and information secondary…. But rest assure that in Secondary… Information are being pressed into the kids to cover the relaxing time in primary…. This i know coz my kid is in secondary……

    Actually now that i have kids pergi sekolah kat sinie…. I know they are being thought all that u say….. Cuma the government must make sure that the teacher they produce are passionate about teaching and not because teaching is a last resort sebab tak dapat job…. So quality of teachers must be taken care to create a better future generation…

  • Khadijah Tifla HaHa! Hjh Mazlyn Mustapha,I know what you mean… My children only brought their lunch bags to school every day when they were in primary schools in the UK, and brought back worksheets and perhaps a reading book for homework 😛  Well, Cikgu Hazlan said it all. During the PTA General Meeting, the issue was brought up and several suggestions were discussed: lockers are too expensive and it also means children wont bring books home for revision/homework. They then decided to have a detailed timetable; eg. on Mondays, for BM students in a certain class need only bring workbook and Pemahaman exercise book, etc.
  • Khadijah Tifla Btw, did you go to the Frogasia Carnival in SM Sri Permata yesterday? Ideally, if teachers did them all, and every child has access to computers (without server disruption), it’s an excellent programme! It’s like the commercial Skor-A programme. Give it a try. Being an educator, I also have my doubts + concerns + hopes over our education system but at the end of the day, we make our system, don’t we? ❤