I’m curious to hear everyone’s view on this.
AZLY RAHMAN: MRSM schools a successful failure?
As a proud product of MRSM (form 1-5) and a MARA scholar who taught MRSM for several years, I just want to thank MRSM for a total of 11 amazing years with MRSM, both as a student and an educator.
  • Naguib Yunos I like the comments..
  • Mazlyn Mustapha I remember singing a song about anak kecil main api…i can still remember the lyrics
  • Khoo Sin Dee i hv purposedly chosen a SMK school way back 20 yrs ago(after SJK) for 1 good reason — i wanted to hv a school with good assimilation. I learnt to pick up BM from friends n teachers from Form 1 onwards. I was glad i got many tudung and untudung friends(we were all girls). We laughed at teachers and ourselves. We hv mixed races for PRS and Pengawas and Perpustakawan. We have fierce teachers who taught us to behave like girls. I continued to take up Chinese as exam subject till SPM. During those short 3 yrs, i learnt to respect a lot of Islamic way of living, such as not drinking n eating in front of my friends during puasa month n also during their ‘bayar hutang’ period, i learnt not to call anyone by ‘awak’ esp the elderly, i picked up colloqial BM which is really a proud thing to be Kedahan enough, etc. But the saddest part was loosing faithful friends when we entered Form4, coz most of my better-performed fellow friends had gone to MRSM. I wished them the best in their future undertaking. I have never questioned anything until lately when ppl started to talk about 1Msia n whatnot. Hey, that thought of mine to enter a SMK was 1Msia enough, but this didnt realize becoz there were policies for divide and rule. If not becoz of FB, i wont be able to find to those friends. But one thing for sure, we hv lost a great time to learn from each other more.
  • Ruskie Grey MRSM schools a failure?Yes it is.On many levels
  • Hakimi Alawi A good article..how about Mrsm vs sek jenis keb (vernacular)..your opinion?both successful failure?
  • Intan Juliana i think it depends… maybe if u come from a better of financial background, living in urban side of malaysia where all the facilities of knowledge within your backyard… definitely mrsm is rubbish… but for us, the underpriviliged malay community, it opens up a whole new opportunities. n it really makes me believe, just because my father is a farmer, I am NOT destined to be a farmer or been married off at early age due to poverty… well it is reality Mazlyn Mustapha… some people do need more help than we are….again, another cent opinion of mine… 🙂
  • Nasriyah Abdul Rahman MRSM schools are good,bcos they have good facilities, good teachers, great students. But a school is a school, a place to learn. Parents prefer boarding schools as kids are more focused there compared to at home, an environment where studying is a norm. Hence I felt the article was rather off. But when I read the comments, I became embarrassed… these are supposed too be broad-minded, intelligent, educated people… their comments did not make them any better than the blogger….
  • Intan Juliana just ignore my grammar… still learning even at this stage… 🙂
  • Aidora Abdullah Mazlyn Mustapha…you mean there were no non-Malays at your MRSM?  We had non-Malays at MRSM Kuantan…
  • Mazlyn Mustapha I enjoyed my two years there, I made many good friends, I learnt independence, I don’t think its rubbish, I loved my teachers. But,…
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Aidora, my good, you can say best-friend was a non-Malay.
  • Ruskie Grey Err I am a non malay maaaa
  • Ruskie Grey I hate race topics.Especially when i dont belong to any race groups
  • Aidora Abdullah Mazlyn Mustapha…my compound mates were the non-Malays…I made sure of it when I was in form 5! hehehe…the perks of being an ex-BWP…
  • Noriha Ab Ghani Thin ice, careful
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Race for me means marathons and formula 1 Ruskie
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Whats compound mate Dora?
  • Ruskie Grey I am, HAPA and I feel disgraced at those who plays the race card
  • Aidora Abdullah Mazlyn Mustapha…I don’t know about you, but the only reason I went to MRSM was because I wanted to experience living in a boarding school…I applied to even the SBPs…but MRSM was the only offer I received…had nothing to do with who went there…and I chose Kuantan because it was one of the farthest at the time…and still located in a nice town (so I would not get too home-sick!)…hehehe
  • Maznee Md Sapar From my humble opinion, he is confused. He is trying to making similarities between pro govt products  and products of MRSM. In which , he is totally wrong.
    As far as I can remember, I had never been brain -washed regarding ketuanan Melayu or whatsoever during my wonderful MRSM years…
    For me, MRSM was a first step that introduced me to teach good practice as a Muslim student, shape me into a stronger faith young Muslim ( though supposedly it’s not a religion-based school)..
    On top of that, it had taught me to know the meaning of independence , seeking knowledge etc…
    I never knew what was racism means until I went to BTN…
    I strongly object the idea of Malay-centric ideology that he has put into this article… Eventhough there were only Malays during batch… All I can remember , we were stressed on practicing as good Muslims…
    Mind everyone, good Muslims aren’t necessarily from the Malays , try could be from an American , a British , from Chinese, Indians , Russian …
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Same, I thought boarding school was fun rupa-rupanya kena mandi air sejuk and do your own laundry lol
  • Aidora Abdullah Mazlyn Mustapha…oh yeah…forgot that the MRSMs’ had different styles of buildings…MRSM Kuantan is not a dorm style MRSM…we had actual clusters of rooms…called compounds…rooms had between 2 – 4 persons…since I was a BWP in form 5, I got to choose my room mate as well as my compound mates…hehehe
  • Noha Yatim Anak kecil main api
    Terbakar hatinya yang sepi
    Air mata darah bercampur keringat
    Bumi dipijak milik orang.
  • Ruskie Grey The voice of reason from Maznee
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Noha: nenek moyang kaya raya, tergadai seluruh harta benda, akibat sengketa, sesamalah kita…was it undi BN? LOL
  • Aidora Abdullah Mazlyn Mustapha…a very kind soul changed the lyrics to that song to represent MALAYSIA…but I can’t remember the link…
  • Mazlyn Mustapha I don’t know why i can still remember that song. But i remember the good things too.
  • Rima Marhayu Abdul Rashid Aiyaa…only 2 years wont make any difference ma…what cultural shock can we get once outside? I’m from Penang, born and bred on the island…never had my head covered back there…but at least I learnt to be a better muslim in MRSM (and wearing tudung was not compulsory in our MRSM back then…it was by choice)…cheers!;))
  • Aidora Abdullah I remember the music classes the most…*sigh*…the music teacher even taught us songs from Elvis (he was a huge fan), and from the 70s (which mostly had to do with drugs…hehehe)…flower power!
  • Azura Salleh Spent 5 years of my life in MRSM… Ketuanan melayu??? Nope… did not learn that in MRSM. What did I learn? Independence, thinking outside the box and yes… learned to be a better Muslim. And yes… coming from a poor family… living in MRSM means better facilities to study….
  • Noha Yatim Five fingers. Edward de bono.  when no water supply hv to fetch pails of water from I-don’t-know-where.  laundry.  breakfast-brunch-lunch-tea-dinner-supper. Penyair dari gunung. Lake garden.
    None any ‘ketuanan’ .  Or if there was,  I don’t even notice it.
  • Aidora Abdullah Nitahain Hashim Kamal…kan??? Cikgu Chico was cool; in a sempoi sort of way
  • Kharmila Abdullah Aidora Abdullah…..I still keep my music book. Still big fan of Chico….
  • Nilam Syahrina · 5 mutual friends

    If I can choose, I want to be a teacher in MRSM. I luv the system! BWP, LDP, PRS, EMC ext
  • Mazlena Ena I love study in mrsm. Proud to be the product of mrsm. I enjoyed studying n live my life there with good frens
  • Saliza Abd Aziz My 2 eldest children exMRSM students.. balik pulau and transkrian… made them a better muslim.. woke up at 5am without complaint. .and and home 6am pun liat. They were there for 2 years. If they had been in the SMK I would have had a tought time running around for them… still the percentage of malays are 85% in their ex SMK… they are both the top 30 students in MRSM. Got schoolarship and direct fast track program. 4.5yrs for degree course which they join 2 weeks after completing their SPM examination… one in Uitm(99% bumiputra) one in UTM… my eldest just completed her degree thisbyear in uitm and now currently doing her Masters in finance and accountancy with ACCa pathway in UK (my daughter might have jump out of her skin seing other colors and race in UK for a first timer going abroad! Ha ha ha ) n my son going next year for his masters… so what is the worry on racism when you are trying to get work internationally and you still have to fight the prejudice and racism… it got nothing to do with being in MRSM  .its everywhere!.. my two cent argument. (I was educated in private school 34yrs ago.. finish all my tertiary up to my masters in uitm by my own choice. my good friends are Chinese, indian and Malays surprisingly! )
  • Gerrie Lanai Interesting, and keeping an open mind.
  • Rahimah Mohamad proud to be xmrsm student..
  • عز مي Azly Rahman ni Melayu Sekular dari Singapore yg tak pernah pun belajar di sekolah berasrama Di Malaysia. Mungkin dia ingat dgn title “Dr” nya tu dia ada lesen utk kutuk sistem pelajaran di negara org lain. Semoga segala ilmu dan analysis anda akan dapat membantu anda dihadapan Allah kelak.
  • عز مي Afendi Yassin – apa komen ex-MRSM yg bekerja di Singapore pula?
  • Haniza A Jalil b in training in UK.. foreign quota into medical schools against nonEU… standard SOP… i got 4 out of 5 medical school offers n i wasnt product of MRSM… bt heck it showed me how one got to face varying degree of discrimination varying race/ culture/nation/geography/background … hence wishing discrimination exist only in malaysia is immature.  d idea is whichever school that u get out from, strive to b the best. if MRSM thought that, why not? we look down at our own people, yet when its practised internationally do u shout hey b fair to us?  d world listen? or do u proof your worth? whats wrong in helping people grow? why antagonistic to own when others do it n we ignorant? so many just kutuk when its melayu. tu sahajalah. tak pun productive in helping large numbers but self.
  • Amy Mohamed Mazlyn Mustapha……. how many cream of the cream student from MRSM that is studying medicine in Ireland that didn’t score or flunk their exams in the 1st year?????
  • Dewi Ariffin I dont really favor ths guy…even now pun residing kat US..if betul2 nk betulkn org melayu…meh ler dok mesia n tolong tukar d system.
  • Roslina Razak · Friends with Sazzli Kasim and 10 others

    This article is trash intended to incite hate to the malays
  • Roslina Razak · Friends with Sazzli Kasim and 10 others

    He is a malay fr singapore too successful to be residing in his own country, ha ha ,
  • عز مي See how Australians treated Malays in Cocos


  • Nora NorhAyu Zainudin I read his biography after the article and he isnt even a malaysian?! So what does he know about mrsm or ketuanan? Malay singaporean dont have tuan at all…walk the talk?! I am a product of smka and mrsm I enjoyed the time at both institutions as much as my times at irish college and unis…….pfftttt talk about sour grapes…sorry I got sensitive about general slandering…some of the teachers at mrsm are truly champions they are inspirational to us….
  • Intan Juliana this article makes me wonder… what’s wrong being a malay? and is it wrong for us to remember/acknowledge where we come from… is it wrong for us to know our history? is it wrong if the government decides to lend a hand to us? is it wrong for us to accept help? is it wrong for us to be a malay? ha ha…i think i can go on and on with these “what’s wrong…” statement.. and again, what is the author’s intention actually… from a critical point of view, what is his point actually…that being a malay is wrong?
  • Intan Juliana and genuinely, this also makes me think… why are you posting this article Mazlyn Mustapha… 🙂
  • Zi Zainal There’s a hadith “There is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab, nor of a non-Arab over an Arab or white person over a black person or a black person over white person except through piety. Verily the most honored of you is the most righteous.”
  • Zamani Ali There’s nothing wrong with being a Malay. But if the POOR among the Chinese and Indians want to be a part of the MRSM system, would we say “well let the them deal with their own poor” or would we, the Malays, at least acquiesce to such a request? I am aware that there are SOME if not few, non-Malays in MRSM, but I think they are mostly bumi non-Malays. I personally would like to see that all the SJK schools be abolished. Not because I hate them, but because I think it doesn’t help at all in terms of unity. Ideally I think there should only be ONE national school system. And if MRSM is good, which I believe to some extent it is (very good, if not excellent), we can make all the needy and smart students of all races be part of a good system and inculcate a sense of pride of being a Malaysian. Just thinking out loud…
  • Norhaizam Mohammad · 8 mutual friends

    I am who I am who today because of MRSM and I have no regrets at all.
  • Mazlyn Mustapha The reason I posted this was because, as I said, I wanted to hear everyone’s opinion. Thanks for sharing your opinions. I have enjoyed the experience (being a student in MRSMT) and I was always proud to say I went to MRSM Taiping BUT, I admit, no system is perfect and Zamani Ali made a good point. I actually think opening it to all races would have made the experience even better but hey, just my humble opinion and everyone is entitled to one 😀
  • Hameeth Shah I totally agree with Haniza A Jalil.. Discrimination is everywhere… Its like the famous quote “beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”..different people have different opinion and different ways into looking at certain things..I came from a Famous Chinese school in alor star,  Sek Men Keat Hwa before I went to Mrsm Taiping.. (the reason I went to Taiping,  is how I was discriminated there as the top non Chinese student who got straight A’s for PMR,  but refused entry to the TOP science stream class because I take Pendidikan Agama- when I asked the reason why? Susah nak arrange timetable sebab u ambik pendidikan islam… So u better be in the last science stream class yg ada budak Melayu yg lain so u boleh ambik pendidikan agama islam sama2)… Mmmmmmmmm…. 2 weeks after that I opted to Taiping without any hesitancy… Taiping is the place that mould me for who I am today.. 2 years there never once I heard anything abt ‘ketuanan’…  It’s all abt do the best..be the best… Have the best mentality..  To this guy who wrote this article is a joke!
  • Roza Howton Much as I benefited being in MRSM T, I really missed my non-malay/non-muslim friends a great deal. They have different work ethics and points of view to the malays, that I enjoyed and learnt a lot from.

    Plus, you gotta admit, most Malays don’t really read or like English books, so it was somewhat lonely for me not having people to share my “discoveries” with. The only other person I share a lot of my readings with was a senior guy, and the small minded Malays started gossiping about us to the point I got hauled in front of an ustazah with some accusations of “bad immoral behaviour” with a male on school grounds.

    Yes, WTF, right? The idea of perfectly platonic friendship is such an alien concept to self righteous religious police.

  • Mazlyn Mustapha I’m going to write a separate status update on this 😀
  • Al-Lil Shu Doc Kharmila, Dr Azly is Kuatagh Pioneer, I know him personally.
  • Roza Howton I have to elaborate, the “bad immoral behaviour” that we engaged in was actually practicing archery and sword fighting (!!) behind the Senireka building. Outdoors, in plain sight, not in an enclosed room alone. Not even khalwat, by definition. Both of us were theatre/costume/stage arts/martial arts buff, and we exchanged a lot of letters on drawings, artwork and scriptwriting. Some of which were confiscated as “surat cinta” and proof of our guilt, when in fact nothing in the letters indicate that we were even a couple and being lovey-dovey is the furthest thing from our minds. 

    It took a long time for me to forgive the offending parties for this frame up. Even now, after the forgiveness, I cannot forget the trauma.

  • Mazlyn Mustapha Thanks for elaborating Roza Howton 😀
  • Roza Howton Long before Katniss and Kill Bill were cool, me and my bro mastered archery and the katanas 😛 LOL
    It made me wonder, though, are people THAT obsessed about coupling and dating in MRSM that even friendship across the gender is something to be frowned upon? Is sharing ideas and information between sexes something that is so taboo?
  • Amy Mohamed Not saying MRSM is a bad place….. But is it a good system???? Apa purpose boarding school? To make kids more independent? or to make kids more regimented and follow schedule and be told what to do until they cannot think for themselves? Is scoring 20A make u more successful in life? Is it a school where some parents think that I don’t have to manage my child? Is it just a name/prestige so that parents can say to another parents that my child is in MRSM so he/she is more clever than your child? Will a child be more clever studying in MRSM? Are we saying that  kids in SMK schools are not independent, less clever and failure in life? Will the regimented life in MRSM leads to kids from MRSM only knows to makan gaji and taking orders from someone? So many many questions……
  • Akmarul Ariffin Salleh He didn’t go to MRSM, so his comment is not valid.  I think this is more of his desperate effort to get more ‘traffic’ to his blog. Ngeh ngeh.
  • Al-Lil Shu He went to MRSM Ktn 1974 till 1978
  • Aman Shah Good for you Roza. Don’t dawdle too much in the past. As the Malay would say ‘ buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih’. I had my harrowing time in SMSAH Jenan Kedah, just one year of my life, but enough memories to serve a lifetime!
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Roza Howton: LOL, to some, even now it is taboo ok. 😛
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Yes Amy Mohamed, all valid points, and I haven’t even shared my views on home-schooling yet 😉
  • Aman Shah Oh I forgot to add, from a boisterous harmonious Penang Free School to a monogamous one track mind boarding school. Thank god it was just one year of my life!
  • Mazlyn Mustapha Prof Farouk Musa is also very proud x-student of Penang Free School 🙂
  • Aman Shah Mazlyn, in case you didn’t know, Farouk and me were the best of buddies in PFS. Yes he was my BFF back then and still is now. We both decided to be doctors then and now here we are…!
  • Mazlyn Mustapha I didn’t know that, nice Dr Aman Shah!
  • Nazatul Shiha Salam to all. IMHO this article is baseless. It has no references and no quotes from any reliable science social journals, books, reliable sources etc. Of course we cannot fully believe this writing since it has no merit whatsoever but the fact that we retaliate to it rather ‘fiercely’ means that maybe this article serves its purpose. To say that MRSM is a failed project, in one sense yes its true. If the grand design is to entice ketuanan melayu so they say, then looking at the comments I don’t think it is happening like what it is planned to be. And yet again we need a proper study to prove that. All these comments are merely ‘testimonials’ and ‘anecdotal’ evidence at its best – which is classified as Level III or D (depending on either US or UK’s grading system), according to medical trial’s standard. On the other hand, I do share the same idea of Unity and I really can’t see how do we Malaysian can be united unless we have 1 very strong uniting factor. Even nationality (as in being a Malaysian) is not very convincing. Just from my humble opinion, the best uniting factor that I can think of is Religion. Because religion eliminates racism or nationalism. One profound example was a person named Salman Al-Farisi. He was a non Arab Muslim (thus the Al-Farisi), but was a very known character in the Muslim world. That was history. For current situation, one example that I can think of is Syria. We know that the Mujahideen in Syria comprises of not only Syrian, but also European, British, Croatian or even French. I’ll put the link later. Coming back to Unity in Malaysia, IMHO the only practical religion that consists of social, economical, political, law etc in one box is Islam. Based from my basic readings about other religions like Buddhism, Christian, Taoism or Hinduism in Malaysia, I don’t think these religions really have something concrete in regards to law, politics or even economy. Too idealistic? yea I think so for now. Last but not least, “azlyrahman-illuminations.blogspot.com” – is he an Illuminati? haha bad joke. But I’m not surprised if he is. TQ. – Maresmart 92-93. p/s, sorry for the bad grammar, in hurry.
  • Nazatul Shiha The link as promised. Couldn’t find the English version. Hope this Indonesion version will do. http://www.arrahmah.com/…/perbedaan-bahasa-tidak…


    (Arrahmah.com) – Banyaknya para Muhajirin (orang-orang yang berhijrah) dari nega…ra-negara barat ke Suriah untuk berjihad, menjadi hal unik tersendiri dalam jihad di Suriah. Perbedaan bahasa mungkin terlihat menjadi kendala besar bagi Mujahidin di medan tempur Suriah yang penduduknya berbahasa Arab,…See More
  • Khaizy Osman You all were commenting on a 2011 article. Get the latest article by him on MRSM two days ago and then agree or disagree with him with facts.
  • Roza Howton Aman, I’m over that now. In fact it taught me an important life lesson: some of your “friends” will bear false witness to accusations, if it gives them an edge over their peers, in the eyes of authority. To learn that from a young age is a blessing, re…See More
  • Aman Shah Ooo.. both Mazlyn and Roza are a product of the aforementioned..!Good for you both Roza and Mazlyn! Looking back, I still say the boarding schools are a necessary factor in building great, disciplined minds. I had one year and that was tough for me, I just can’t imagine the many year you guys endured. Mmm I wonder why Mazlyn is reminiscing the past…
  • Adam Abdul-Samad Melaka High School …..the second oldest after Penang Free School was built in 1900 . High School was  in 1909 .  Well both have the same structures. Good school indeed. That was the school  I went to. Well a lot of the teachers were mad and merely simpleton. Don’t like it  though but had to  go to  school to get the so called  education I despised most. No alternative then. Poor me. Was in the early  66s. My immaculate heart shattered .
  • Adam Abdul-Samad Liked your experienced as well Aman Shah.