Mazlyn Mustapha shared Declan Barry‘s status.
I haven’t seen it but I listened to these people talk about and essentially, they are of the opinion that in Gaza you have able-bodied men and they don’t need charity, they just need the circumstances changed.
Interesting. Have to look for this, has anyone else seen it? Norhafsah Hamid, Roza Howton, Farouk Musa, Mandeep Singh, Jim Loi?
Screening: The Do Gooders (director Chloe Ruthven – at the Frontline Club last night)
To all my NGO worker-friends (& anyone else too). Watch this documentary. Find it somehow.
I deserve no further opinion on the matter. Neither should I interfere with anyone else’s experience of it. So – just get this and watch it. It’d be good to talk it out with you one day.
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