MBA exam is 3 days away. Study group has been postponed due to the hazy season.
I have no choice but to post my thoughts on the exam here on my facebook wall for all MBA colleagues, business lecturers, business students, business owners and global entrepreneurs to comment on.
Section A: Answer both.
Generic strategy, fit and competitive advantage. (looks simple enough, yet looks ca…n be deceiving)
CSR (extremely relevant given the current weather conditions)
Section B: Answer any two.
Growth of the firm through changes in the boundaries of the firm and alliances and acquisitions (oh no, I missed the class; work commitment)
Diamond model of country competitive advantage (I like diamonds)
Strategic thinking and strategy process (I’m attracted to the word ‘thinking’)
International strategy (I think I missed part of this class too, walked in half way because it was a Sunday; a working Sunday for me )
Strategy no1: study based on exam, look at questions first then work backwards
Strategy no2: ask for help from facebook friendsSee More