Yesterday was not an easy day.
Myself, hubby and youngest child made our way to the airport to send off our maid of almost 5 years now.
By numerical order, she would be our second Indonesian maid. We have been lucky in this respect, all the maids we have employed have always been decent, honest and hardworking people, unlike the horror stories one may hear and that I have witnessed from many p…eople including good friends, sister and even mother.
Our first maid was efficient but a bit old and thus hard of hearing. Having said that, the main criteria for me is that the job gets done and the kids are loved, so everything else we have to learn to turn a blind eye to. We must compromise. She had to return to Indonesia a few months before completion of her 2 year contract because her child was starting school, at first I didn’t like it because we would be losing out, but on second thought, if their heart is no longer in the job it is best to let them go.
Lucky for us, our next maid was even better. Younger, more energetic, no hearing issues, and best of all she loves our youngest child as if it were her own.
I was worried my little one would cry at the airport, but ice cream was a great distraction. At home later on there were bucket load of tears, I was made to call the maid and the maid started crying when she heard my baby (well, big baby) cry. It was painful, to see her misery and I tried everything to console her. The great thing with kids is their short attention span. There was also her dad, the X-box and her siblings to aid in her adjustment. Funny how the song letting go from Frozen keeps coming back to haunt me…it was a good song and the lessons are extremely relevant.
I also wanted to cry at the airport because for the next month, I’ll have to do some chores (oh God) and I’ll miss having a maid, I’m sure of it. But one month is nothing, it will go by very fast.
Today, to add insult to injury, we will all be leaving PJ for one month. I cant stop the tears in my heart from flowing. I will miss PJ for sure.See More
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