• I would to hear everyone’s view on this. Dr Husyairi Harunarashid, Dr Sharifah Halimah Jaafar maybe can share from an evidence based medicine point of view.

    Do we need vitamin and mineral supplements? – Dr. Rizin H Kusop


    Health Education, Medication/Ubat-ubatan Do we need vitamin and mineral supplements? – Dr. Rizin H Kusop August 15, 2013 • 3 CommentsSource: http://www.mdwls.com/supplements.htmlTo you, the answer is YES. To your ancestors who lived half a million years ago, the answer is NO.Let me explain.Vitamins…
    • Nasyirah Anuar Hi doctor Mazlyn Mustapha. Thanks for sharing 🙂 i dont really have any view but i do have questions. Hehe. Since pills are also processed, wouldnt there be any side effect if we consume it everyday? And what do u think of other alternative such as ginseng or other herbs. Nowadays we have quite a number of shops offering mixed herbs drinks which r believed to works better than pills even even more natural. Hope u can shed some lights doc ;).  M Faizal M Rasid
    • Muhfaziah Mustaffa People cn allergic  to any of alternatives meds, say herbs or ginseng,people also can develope allergic reaction to the capsule…….as doctors we should not recommend on any  commercial suppliment,herbs,or alternative product, public can take it but at their on risk………there were pt died of liver failure and some had to be on dialysis……..taking slimming herbs,taking mushroom product, bottom of the story……never tried anything just because others promote u to…..do analyses the safety profile and is it worth it to spend money on unnecessary things……always has some curiosity on the side effect and safety profile…….
    • Albiruni Ryan Abdul Razak Mazlyn – there is an interesting book called Do you believe in magic. Short read, but worth reading
    • Rozni Yusof Even Panadol is quite dangerous, the leading cause of liver damage in the West. “…as little as 25% above max dose can cause liver damage when taken over several days”
    • DrFelix Chong The author has explained his views very simply and well. Pls read his article and don’t pass judgment just by reading the article title. It is only about 500 words long. 🙂
    • Zuraizi Jaafar Yes.. Previously I’m with those sceptical one but with my n others current lifestyle, this article have very good point n I totally agreed for that… But im not promoting to my patient if they ask for my opinion
    • Zuraizi Jaafar It might be placebo effect, but with  general paed ward full with URTI, pneumonia, typically I’m will have sore throat almost weekly or monthly ( different bugs maybe )…
      Now alhamdullillah it will less attack ( actually none for past 3 months) when I take high dose vit c (1000mg) each morning before round…
      But still dunno, placebo still might be 😀
    • Muhfaziah Mustaffa Need more research…there is paper quote long term big dose of vitamin c cn cAuse renal stone in men,quantity does matter
    • Husyairi Harunarashid A nutritionist would be a more appropriate professional to comment on this matter. Personally from an evolutionary biological viewpoint, I agree with Dr. Rizin.
    • Husyairi Harunarashid Current evidence on nutritional supplementation trials are challenging to critically analyze – it is all to do with perspectives and specific populations. Generalizability for the ease of interpretation of evidence may not be appropriate.
    • Idimaz Jabbari dependence on any kind of pill is dangerous. pills are also manufactured. who knows if its any good? what happens if u forget to take them? or want to stop? i prefer to take from natural but may take pills if feeling bad
    • Hashim Kamal http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/vitamin-supplements…/


      Scientists have known for years that large quantities of supplemental vitamins c…an be quite harmful. Yet, the FDA is prohibited by law from telling the public.See More
    • Muhfaziah Mustaffa not to mention those involved in injection vitamin c for the purpose of beauty, wait unrill the complication sets in then people will understand the risk…..face your own risk people
    • Liyana Tan Simple reference I would like to quote…
      Cambridge heart antioxidant stidy 2002 patients with angiographically proven coronary artery disease. Half placebo half on 400..800 iu vit E 18 months
      77 percent fewer non fatal heart attack compare to placebo. No significant 400..800 iu. Astounding result since patients with fairly advance CD antioxidants prevent 2 ways as conclusion prevent initial format of plaque and stabilise the plaque in advance CD.
      My simple question if you are confirm with CD…will u “RISK ” yourself in vit E group or  choose not to risk yourself in the placebos? Only 2 option left…more studies to share but will be too sleepy for facebooker to read…
    • Mazlyn Mustapha Hey…I’m not sleepy Liyana Tan, whoever wants to sleep can do so, I am interested to read what you have to share 😀
    • Sharifah Halimah Jaafar Good try! I mean the reasoning and the explaination by the author makes sense and in line with public perception, sound very convincing BUT NOT SUPPORTED BY GOOD EVIDENCE!! If no RCT but at least there should be population cohort studies to compare the population that take vit supplement and those who are not, unfortunately NONE in the literature..that show the good effect, not to mention the side effect.
    • Sharifah Halimah Jaafar When DR Benjamin Spock recommended baby sleeping position, that the baby is best placed in prone position while sleeping i.e, head down, his recommendation was based on his profesional experience and common sense that putting baby in that position reduce the risk of milk aspiration from choking. The whole world began to adopt his recommendation including the nursery in the hospital worldwide. Few years later it was noted that the rate of infant cot death was increasing that prompted the researcher to do RCT comparing the sleeping position, only to find out that putting newborn in prone position has no effect on risk of aspiration but significantly increase risk of sudden cot death…So the moral of the story, we my think a mere advise by common sense may help but it can be disasterous and harmful!!! So stick to the evidence when giving recommendation..
    • Sharifah Halimah Jaafar That way we doctors, the healers will not harm anybody, that make them a patient instead of healing them!
    • Roza Howton If you have digestive issues like gastroparesis, enzymatic insufficiency and malabsorption syndrome, then yes supplements are necessary. The concept of “one solution fits all” is not exactly applicable in care for chronic illness patients, as compared to simple one off acute illness.