Alhamdulillah, after a few weeks of buying and using Palestine products, the honey, olive oil, olive oil soap and black seed oil, I then proceeded with helping my friends sell Palestine products by connecting them to my friends who want to buy Palestine products, then I finally decided to buy Palestine products in bulk and help to sell and distribute them in Malaysia.

Palestinian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 500ml bottles

In the beginning I just wanted to buy and use Palestinian olive oil soap after reading an article about it by Al-Jazeera.

So I googled “buy Palestinian products” and most websites were interesting but did not cater for the Malaysian market. They were mainly United States and European based.

So I just shared the article in my facebook account and said something like “I wish I could buy this”. Turns out of my friends was actually selling Palestinian products in Malaysia. I have never heard of Palestinian products before that and I would not have guessed that you could buy them right here in Malaysia.

Thank you to the company that set up the purchase and distribution of Palestinian products in Malaysia. I will do my best to promote these products so that any Malaysians or anyone in Malaysia who would like to buy them can do so easily.

Palestinian Honey in 25omg jars

Yes, I was excited and I ordered one item for every product available. My initial purchase was:

1 honey

1 premium olive oil

1 black seed oil

1 olive oil soap

At that time there was no one selling the Palestinian products in Kota Bharu, where I am currently living and working. So it took a while for the Palestinian products to arrive. I am glad to say that I was not disappointed. I loved the honey, the olive oil and the olive oil soap.

My honey and olive oil soap ran out one week before I was due to comeback to Petaling Jaya, my hometown, for the school holidays. At first I thought I would wait, but then life was just not the same with out the honey and soap so I had to buy more.

Olive oil soap in 150mg bars

Thankfully, one or two weeks before that, a friend of a friend had decided to become the first stockist for Palestinian products in Kota Bharu. His mother already owned a shop and they were looking for more items to include in the shelves. My friend had gone through a lot of other products but many did not fit the quality level desired. It was reassuring to me that the shop was happy to sell the Palestinian products as they had GMP (good manufacturing practice) in the production process.

Before that, basically my friend who is a stockist in Kajang had been receiving and processing all the orders from my friends from all over Malaysia. At that point, just by using facebook posts I had promoted and help sell about RM1k worth of Palestinian products in a few weeks. I still was not sure whether or not to commit as a business owner even though I loved to use the products and could see myself buying it as a regular, life-long customer.

So instead of committing, I just helped my friend in Kota Bharu sell his Palestinian products online, using facebook as a place to promote via posts which were more of sharing the products. Together, we sold another RM1k worth of Palestinian products over a few weeks. It was almost an effortless business.

black seed paste
Black Seed Paste 500mg bottle

Then I came back to Petaling Jaya for the school holidays. It was great. I would collect items from Kajang and hoped to have them delivered ASAP to customers. However, there came a time when both the Kajang stockist and Kota Bharu stockist ran out of Palestinian products to sell. It was then that I thought the time had come to change from consumer to distributor. I signed up and had products delivered within 12 hours straight from headquarters.

My first day has been productive. There are a lot of inquiries and out of those, sales are made. I look forward to help Malaysians buy Palestinian products, to use for the health benefits, or to use as a way of supporting the Palestinian cause.

Anyone interested can message me at my facebook account  or send me an email at