Alhamdulillah, 2016 continues to be a good year for us.

Finally, a new home, residence and home stay for the Parit Buntar clan.

Screenshot (9)
Our newly refurbished bedroom.

We arrived pretty late last night. Left PJ home about 4.30pm. Traffic was smooth all the way up until Tapah and from then onwards there were alternating crawling and heavy moving traffic.

Under normal circumstances we would have arrived around 7.30pm (three hour drive) but last night we arrived around 10pm. I suppose this is the norm during “raya festivals” due to massive movement of people from one town to another.

So that’s the only one decent picture of our room. The other bedrooms were empty so I took pictures this morning before the rest of the clan arrived.

Screenshot (11)
Another one of three upstairs bedroom.

There are three bedrooms with en suite shower on the top floor, which can serve as a home stay when not in use by the clan.

Screenshot (10)
Bathroom layout.

Not sure if you can call them bathrooms since there is no bath, which is the norm for most Malaysian houses. I only see bath tubs in condominiums in Bangsar and Mont Kiara. Elsewhere most properties have showers.

I must say I love the design. All rooms and baths have featured walls.

I also confess that many years ago (I think 2002/3) I signed up for a home study course in writing and interior design, both which I have not yet completed and this year seems the most suitable time to work on these two investments.

Screenshot (13)
One of the three top bedrooms.

All the bedrooms are very spacious and could easily accommodate the very large families (averaging 3-4 kids each). When I say large, it is a relative term. In PJ, family sizes range between 1-4 where as in Kelantan, 6-13 would be more ‘normal’ range.

Screenshot (14)
Staircase with another featured wall.

I’m not sure if I would have chosen the exact same colours, probably a different range either blusih-green-purple or yellowish-orange-crimson.

Screenshot (15)
Another one of the three bedrooms.

As you can see, there are still minor works like air-conditioning (I know, that is not minor, that is a MAJOR), and other stuff still need to be put in but for me, it is ok enough to use for this temporary visit).

Screenshot (16)
All rooms come complete with a large wardrobe (every girls dream), soon to come, dressing table etc.

I am sharing these pictures because I think it’s great if all large families are able to accommodate their children, in-laws and grand children in the most comfortable way during the festive seasons.

Screenshot (17)
Another en suite bathroom.

Of course none of this is cheap, so we thank our generous brother in law who is the main sponsor. May Allah accept and reward your deeds.

Anyone interested to book these rooms during non-festive may contact me via facebook message.