Dear Friends,

As school starts for most children in Kelantan and the rest of Malaysia this week, there are those who can not afford to pay for transport to go by boat, as their schools are not accessible to them via land.

The children travel to and fro from:
Pulau Chendol – Sek Keb Pulau Beluru
Pulau Tongkang – Sek Pulau Beluru
Pulau Teluk Renjuna – Sek Men Sg Pinang
Pulau Teluk Renjuna Tenaik – Kuala Besar – Sek Men Kedai Buluh

It costs RM52 per month per child (and for those who travel further, RM104 per month). We are seeking sponsorship for 30 of the most needy (asnaf), including orphans.

I have calculated the total accumulated cost as:
RM52 x 30 x 11 = RM17,160

If you are interested to break the cycle of poverty through education, please pm me. Any amount of help is welcomed.

Thank you.

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Salam semua….. Kak Yong dgn rendah hati memohon seandainya ada kelapangan untuk tajaan bot RM52 setiap bulan utk anak2 prihatin pulau yg jauh di pendalaman. Tambang rm2 sehari untuk perjalanan pergi dan balik. Harga sebuah tiket perjalanan menuntut ilmu buat mereka. Tiket amal buat kita menuju akhirat……


Just copied and paste from my timeline so that it’s easier to trace later on.



So far we have received sponsorship for:

10 children for the month of January 2017 and

3 children for the rest of the year

Really hope to get sponsorship for all 30 children soon so that no one misses school just because they can’t afford to pay for transport. Insya Allah.