It’s been a rough year for me and it’s only February!

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which is titled “PAS election gimmick” by Mariam Mokhtar. Actually, I had read other papers reporting on the same matter and giving slightly different perspectives and angles.

To be fair, I will include this post that my friend added in the comments:


So anyway, here was my opinion on this sensitive and delicate matter…

Mazlyn Mustapha

I had some reservations commenting on this matter.

I honestly think the Kelantan government should focus on providing:

1) More for the poor children in their state, since there are already so many, then focusing purely on increasing the numbers of children through polygamy. Shouldn’t children from polygamous marriages be raised by their fathers income as per the Quran?

2) Clean water with good pressure. We need double filters and extra pumps just to have the same quality as that in other places in Malaysia.

3) Better garbage removal systems that will improve not only cleanliness but also will help control diseases like dengue and leptospirosis.

4) Provide the general public with more public parks and places to exercise, what with Kelantan having the highest rates of diabetes.

5) Assist those single people who need support getting married, assist single mothers who face difficulties providing for the children, get ex husband to pay alimony on time, assist first time home buyers to purchase real estate…

6) Last but not least, resolve the yearly flood problem. There must be something we can do to prevent the floods or at least create systems to reduce its impact, as we know, the ones who suffer the most are the ones who are also the poorest and most vulnerable.

I have a lot of Kelantanese friends over the years, I know some will be offended by this. Please understand I am not against polygamy, I am against the abuse of polygamy we see so often. I am also all out for helping the poor and needy. These comments are made from my personal observation living here three years plus, and it is not a “I am better than you because I’m from Selangor” type of status, rather, “Let’s stop politicians abusing religion (and indirectly women and children)”.


I was quite surprised that the majority of comments actually agreed and supported my ideas, and a lot of them admitted they were Kelantanese. Wow, that, I certainly did not expect. Alhamdulillah. I’m glad that many people ‘see’ what I see.

There were other good suggestions that I thought I should make note off.

1) To do a poll and see how many Kelantanese women actually support polygamy. I thought it would be interesting to include men as well.
2) To have more parenting sessions for married people.
3) Water fluoridation
I just have to include some of the original comments here:
Sharifah Balkish “Agree and support you Mazlyn Mustapha. Just take the example of Sayyidinah Fatimah r.a. and Rasulullah s.a.w. himself in the SEERAH….. the incident where Sayyidina ‘Ali wanted to take another wife and Fatimah r.a. was feeling sad and upset and Rasulullah s.a.w. himself demonstrated his unlikeliness to Sayydinia ‘Ali……….Who are we to surpass this special people on earth. With the problem of throwing babies, hurting and murdering babies….I think the PAS or whatever Islamic organization should focus on programs for BETTER PARENTING….!!!! rather than having more spouse and infusing more of family issues. (I am with you not against polygamy either…but the question is how it is practice at this age…..being ordinary and hu ha!!!!)……sigh!”
“So many issues that arise surrounds the family unit. Family unit is a nucleus of a society. Man are more obliged to take care of his family unit according to the Qur’an. So what happen with all the much more severe issues (family unit wellbeing and the generation)…… I withhold again the notion of shifting the overall health (social being, etc) of a better family unit, like having BETTER PARENTING programs, BETTER Community Network and so forth……..”
Nasiha SakinaWell said dr! To add on regarding the water supply, water fluoridation also havent been accomplished which is one of the reason kelantan having the highest dental caries rate in peninsular
Ida Bakar If the powers that be in Kelantan really want to up their Islamic credentials and getting excited about the Arabs of the past why don’t they look at what their heroes did when they gained the upper hand:
1. Open bath houses/ hamams so that everybody can get clean
2. Ensure clean water supply to the community (the water to the Alhambra and surrounding areas came from the aqueduct built by the Ummayyad caliphs)
3. Establish a welfare system for all under their watch – the Baitulmal
4. Do all the other public health stuff: drainage system, garbage disposal system, hospitals.
5. Ensure the rights of the non-Muslims who are at peace with them (The Hezbollah government in Southern Lebanon paid to repair the damage done to Synagogues by Israeli bombardment in 2005)

In this case, the current Kelantan government has failed the mandate / amanah given to them. What they are doing to the Orang Asli is shameful.

Basir Jaafar You hv the point Dr. Well if during those yrs Kelantan was under TGNA leadership , he might hv problem securing funds for development projects, but nowadays, since PAS is in cordial relationship with UMNO, they should hv no problem funding what ever critical expenditure the states need.
Munawwar Helmi 2) we have 1 install in Dabong. have been trying to install more but stalled because lack of funding and fundraising even from ppl / Kelantan govt didnt help much either

The SafeWhere (Safe Water Everywhere) Initiative is a project to provide clean water…