Tips for newly grad doctors awaiting houseman-ship:

Some of my former students did ask my opinion on the best way to spend their time during those months.

Here are some ideas:

1) Work. Doesn’t really matter what work you chose to do, you will learn something by working. Through out my medical school years, I have done the following odd jobs during summer holidays:
– data entry clerk
– receptionist
– telephone operator
– cashier
My husband also did odd jobs during medical school:
– dishwasher
– phlebotomist
– factory worker
Some jobs that my other former students have done while waiting for HO job:
– Research assistant
– Teacher
– Clinic assistant

If you are serious about working, be proactive about it. Seek out opportunities rather than wait for things to come your way.

2) Volunteer. This will require a bit of investment of time, effort and other sacrifice which is not remunerated financially, but again, you will learn things not normally gained through employment.

There are plenty of NGO’s with a variety of activities and ways to contribute to society.

What you might gain in return:
– reference/s
– contacts
– new friends
– new experiences
– new skills
– leads to other opportunities

3) Travel. This is probably the only ‘free’ time you will have, so use it wisely. Travel may be a more suitable option for those with extra finances, but certainly, with budget travel & proper planning, anyone can. Perhaps allocate some time for travel if you enjoy it and can afford it.

Hope this helps.