Saving this FB post here for the time being.
Mazlyn Mustapha

“What do women need?”, a friend of mine asked.

I said I needed time to think about it and list down everything.

Here it goes:

For working mothers like me, we need:
– Access to good quality and affordable childcare
– Access to quality education for our children
– Support at work, ease of getting leave to take care of a sick child, flexible working hours to tend to family needs
– It would be great if more employers offered part time positions to cater for the working mum who wants to raise a family while maintaining a career
– Access to quality healthcare

Single mothers would require all the above and even more support:
– For those whom receive child maintenance, it would be best if the system was automated as in salary cut for example of the former spouse

Mothers who stay at home would need:
– Similar support as above but also assistance with household work, example: not every home can afford a washing machine, or a robot vacuum
– Some financial form of retirement fund. Make it compulsory for the husband to put aside money for this purpose in an account (similar to EPF) for the wife.

I think all parents including fathers need parenting skills.
– While some parents read books and attend courses, what about other parents? Can this be made widely available and for all, similar to pre-marital courses.

For the working women with no family/children:
– Equal pay, opportunity to further career/training and treatment
– Safety measures, for example priority parking for female staff near exit/provision of guards
– Access to safe public transport
– Safety to and from work, and while at work, example from even things like sexual harassment, should apply to all women

Is there anything that women in Kelantan need in particular, compared to other places in Malaysia (I can only make a fair comparison to Selangor/WPKL):
– Yes; increased employment opportunity and increased salary

And then there are groups of women who do not even have access to the basic needs such as:
– adequate food for self/family/children
– funds to transport children to school
– funds for extra classes (eg UPSR tuition)
– a decent home
These women should be given priority in terms of assistance, but the needs of other women should not be overlooked either.

I’ll add on if I think of anything later. Comments are welcomed.