Introduction (Pengenalan)

(Saya mengarang dalam Bahasa Inggeris, kemudian alih bahasa perkara-perkara yang perlu sahaja, dengan harapan bermanfaat bagi pembaca Bahasa Malaysia)

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After all the pain and hassle (though much improved system, kudos to Indonesian government) the all new Indonesian passport for our maid. Yay! (Passport pembantu rumah yang baru, Alhamdulillah setelah sedikit susah payah, dapat juga).

One of the great things about raising kids in Malaysia versus Ireland is, and the reason I say that is because at one point in our life, we had to choose between the two, is that in Malaysia, you can hire a full time maid because labour is cheaper here.

Of course many friends in Ireland also had full time help, but the situation is slightly different.

Anyway, I definitely planned to blog about our recent (only a few days ago) experience of renewing our Indonesian maids passport at the KL Indonesian Embassy, not just for the benefit of other mothers/parents but also for our own future reference, insya Allah.

So, when I got the dreaded whatsapp message from hubby that myeg could not renew maids visa (expiring around mid-January 2018) as her passport is expiring November this year (2018), and he is too busy to go to embassy this time, I reluctantly decided to book one week leave (as we are currently outside of Klang Valley), reluctant because of prior bad experience renewing maids passport in 2013 (yup, more or less 5 years ago), but sort of happy to come home (my hometown is PJ) and visit my Mum and other family members.

I looked up and read several blog posts on the subject matter (renewing Indonesian maids passport) and though a lot of information was extremely useful, some were not up-to-date.

(Saya telah membaca beberapa blog termasuk komen-komen yang sedikit sebanyak membantu persiapan sebelum pergi ke Kedutaan Indonesia di Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, contoh2 blog di bawah tetapi dalam BI).

Here are some examples:

I guess the same principles apply as in referencing in research: the latest is probably the most accurate, but it depends on the quality of the research too….hahaha (that was supposed to be funny ok)

So this is my summary of our experience:


On Monday morning 8th January 2018, had planned to take Grabcar to KL Indonesian Embassy and arrive as early as possible. I know officially it opens at 9am, but a lot of blogs say there are people as early as 7am.

(Pada hari pertama kami keluar rumah dalam 6.45am, parkir di bangunan Kenanga sebelah & sebelum bangunan Kedutaan – gambar di bawah. Terus ke parkir kedutaan untuk membeli insurans Indonesia di situ – gambar di bawah. Harga insurans RM90. Bawa fotostat IC majikan, dan passport pembantu rumah. Perlu tahu alamat pembantu rumah di Indonesia.

Lepas tu, terus ke Gate 1/Pintu satu. Masuk ke dalam dan beratur untuk nombor. Pembantu rumah pegang passport dan salinan insurans Indonesia. Majikan tidak dibenarkan masuk. Maid diberi nombor dan masuk ke dalam. Tunggu hingga nombor dipanggil, terus ke kaunter, berikan passport, insurans Indonesia dan RM48. Gambar dan cap jari pembantu rumah di ambil di situ juga (tidak ada bilik ambil gambar macam dahulu). Pembantu akan diberi slip mengatakan di mana dan pukul berapa untuk ambil passport yang telah siap.

Lepas tu terus ke kaunter kontrak kerja (kaunter 30-32). Majikan boleh tunggu di sini sekali.

Kaunter kontrak hanya buka pukul 9.30am. Minta kontrak, akan diberi dua salinan.

Isi kedua-dua salinan kontrak dan tandatangan depan staff, dokumen lain yang perlu adalah: salinan IC majikan, salinan insurans Malaysia, dan salinan passport: muka depan (yang ada gambar), muka kedua adalah yang ada visa, dan mukasurat ketiga, yang ada maklumat tentang passport lama. Kami diberitahu untuk datang kembali ke kaunter kontrak pada hari yang sama dengan pengambilan passport (3 hari bekerja, kami datang hari isnin dan passport siap hari khamis). Di passport, dikepilkan nombor – lihat gambar di bawah).

Got up at 6am, after shower and praying, maid readied our 3 year old toddler to go with us as he is very attached to the maid. Tried booking Grab twice at 6.40am, no driver, so made the decision to drive. Left home about 6.50am, used Waze.

Arrived at around 7.15am-7.20am. Parked car at the parking just before the Embassy Building (where Kenanga Tower and Wiltshire Medical center is located, pic below). There is a public parking sign just before the embassy parking. It costs RM5 for the first and second hours, subsequent hours RM3 each.

Image may contain: outdoor
Building which underground parking we used to park our car as recommended by a friend. I suspect parking at the embassy itself either fills in fast or can be ‘manipulated‘. (Seorang rakan kami menyuruh parkir di bawah bangunan Kenanga, mungkin lebih selamat dari parkir Kedutaan yang terbuka).
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Follow the Parking sign (Tanda tempat letak kereta di Bangunan Kenanga sebelum Kedutaan).

Dropped maid and baby before parking.

Then rushed to maid who was chatting with some people there at the gate of the embassy parking lot.

The man took us straight to the place/makeshift building in the embassy (open) parking lot for the Indonesian insurance. It costs RM90 but we were charged RM103, the extra is for I don’t know, ‘filling in the form and photocopying’. (They needed majikan/employer copy of IC – I had a copy of my husbands IC, actually several copies just in case as the maid is registered under his name, maids passport for the details, and some details from the maid like home address in Indonesia, her phone number etc).

Image may contain: one or more people, tree, sky and outdoor
The bulding with Berjaya Sompo sign is where we bought the Indonesian insurance, this is the parking just before the Embassy (Embassy building is on its right). (Tempat beli insurans Indonesia adalah dalam kawasan letak kereta terbuka sebelah Kedutaan – bangunan yang ada tulis Berjaya Sompo – papan tanda warna kuning).

This took some moments probably around 10-20 minutes.

Then we were given two copies of the Indonesian insurance. One to my maid and one to me. The man pointed us where to go next and we rushed, at that moment I asked for the RM10 change for RM103 (first he said RM90 for insurance and RM3 for photostat and help fill in form as maid was holding baby), but he then said it all cost RM103, so since we were in a rush and I didn’t have time to argue, I just left it at that. Hope others will not be cheated the same though.

Maid was rushed to the embassy (enter through Gate 1) with her passport and the Indonesian insurance, I was told by the guard that we are to queue at the women’s lane.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, tree and outdoor
Gate 1: both gates have guards and they will ask or you can ask to make sure you are going to the right place. Further down the road is Gate two which you enter when collecting the passport in a few days time. (Pintu masuk atau Gate 1, pembantu rumah masuk terus ke dalam dan ambil nombor giliran)

There were several queues and we just joined the women. There were about 10-12 ladies ahead of us divided into two lines, the men’s queues were much longer (maybe 20 people in one line with two queues) but there were also two officers manning  the counters, hence their lines moved much faster.

I asked the lady in front of us if this was the right queue for women, she said she also didn’t know. Baby was getting restless. At that point, I saw the special lane for sick/elderly/pregnant ladies and ladies with small children on the far right hand corner and asked my maid to queue there (there was no queue). She was called immediately, given number B025 and asked to go in, I was allowed in with her (the man at the Indonesian Insurance said usually they only allow employers in after 10am), probably I was allowed in only because of the ‘special lane’ special treatment, as I noticed there were only Indonesians inside that part of the building. The reason is to minimise congestion.

When we entered, the current number was B022, so it was only a few moments before maid was called to Loket or counter 11, even though they did call out other numbers in between as well (not just numbers starting with B, but there were several counters or loket open).

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor
Maid at counter or loket 11, handing her passport and RM50 (change RM2), given the collection slip with date and time. They also take maids pic and thumbprint (biometrics) here. (Nombor dipanggil, terus ke kaunter atau loket, berikan passport, RM48 dan insurans Indonesia. Di sini gambar dan cap jari diambil. Slip untuk ambil passport akan diberi di sini, dengan tempat dan waktu yang khas).

That time it was 8.05-8.10am and we were done in a few moments after that, given a slip which specified to come back to the same building on the 11th January (3 working days later), we were told to come for passport collection at 11am by the nice lady at the counter, but the tick on the slip was for all hours.

So next we walked to the following part of the building which had counters for ‘kontrak kerja’ (picture below). We were told it opened at 10am. Oh dear, two more hours, I thought, but thankfully it opened around 9.30am-ish. There’s no number so go straight when the counter opens and ask for the contract.

Image may contain: indoor
Counter contract from 30-32, usually 32 opens at about 9.30am

They give two copies of the contract, just fill in the details, name of employer and maid, maids full address etc, they also want employer IC copy, copy of maids passport (the three pages), copy of Malaysian insurance, and I made a proxy letter since I am doing it on behalf of hubby, and also gave a copy of my IC. These minor details I got from reading blogs.

Maids salary in the contract is RM1200, as she had worked with us more 9 years now. And the contract can only be for one year duration.

When the contracts were filled in correctly and relevant copies of documents given, the officer stapled a number on the passport and told us to comeback on the 11th when collecting passport, but to go to the counter contract first.

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Nombor yang dikepilkan di passport di Kaunter Kontrak (Kaunter 32).

All done around 9.45am. Paid for parking RM13. Wazed our way home. So we spent about two hours plus in total, and most of it (between 8.15am and 9.30am) was waiting for the counter contract to open. Luckily had brought some food and toys for baby as entertainment while waiting.

In hindsight, its definitely a better experience compared to the last time (I think it was 2011), when we came in the morning around 8-9am (difficulty getting taxi and at that time, I was not used to driving in KL, so driving was not an option), had to fill in the contract before we were given a queue number, at that time we also had a baby with us (my third child), but there was no ‘special lane’, by noon, I could no longer ‘take it’ so called hubby who was working in KL that time. We swapped, and he waited with maid until they got the new passport around 5.30pm the same day. That time I also came unprepared as some people said no insurance was required, and when we turned up the embassy person said we have to have insurance, so I had to walk across the street to RHB (not that far, but I’m sure a lot of people went ahead of us because of the delay) and buy insurance (it was cheap la, less than RM100), and come back which could have taken about 30minutes. This time we bought Malaysian insurance beforehand.


Thursday 11th January 2018, dilemma is how early to go as we had a flight to catch that very evening, 3.50pm from KLIA2.

(Pada hari kedua, tiga hari bekerja kemudian, hari pertama Isnin, hari kedua adalah Khamis, contoh, datang bersama pembantu rumah. Terus masuk Gate atau pintu masuk nombor 2, beberapa meter selepas pintu masuk 1.

Bagi slip kepada pekerja dan ambil nombor giliran dahulu. Baru pegi kaunter kontrak.

Kaunter kontrak buka 9.30am. Terus tunjuk nombor yang diberi tempoh hari, petugas beri balik dua salinan kontrak kerja tempoh hari, yang pertama untuk majikan dan yang kedua untuk pembantu rumah. Selesai. Terus ke tingkat atas untuk ambil passport. Kami datang dalam pukul 9am. Ambil nombor dapat E0292. Naik atas. Tunggu. Selang beberapa ketika dipanggil masuk bilik lagi satu. Ada tiga kaunter 27-29. Nombor masa tu E0220. Masa 9.30pagi. Pada pukul 10pagi selesai. Alhamdulillah).

Kaunter kontrak only opens at 9.30am and we are supposed to collect the passport at 11am (11am-1pm slot).

So finally decided to leave around 7.50am, reason was Grab at 8am cost start rising to RM40, non rush hour would be around RM19-RM20. (I fiddled with Grab during the other days just to have an idea). So it cost RM29 at about 7.50am. Probably left home around 8am as it took some minutes for Grab to arrive. Was at Gate 2 embassy at about 9am, yup takes one hour if travelling during rush hour and only twenty minutes if non-rush hour.

On entering, first, give the slip for passport collection to the man standing there and he will give a queue number, it was E0292. He showed us the stairs to go to the upper level for passport collection. But we didn’t go up yet.

Instead, we went straight to counter contract, when opened around 9.30am, and when it did we went straight up and showed our number given on previous day. Other people were there just to get the contract like we did on Monday.

I was told by the same gentleman that the top copy of the contract is for the employer and the second copy is for the maid. That’s it. No interview whatsoever. Done.

So after that we went back to the near entrance area and up the stairs to collect the passport. There were plenty of seats and people so we just sat down.

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor
The first waiting area as we arrived upstairs…


Not sure what was the current number. Suddenly (after a few moments) a man announced that everyone whose number is less than 300 should proceed to the next room.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor
The final waiting area for passport collection, quite a small room hence they call in people in batches so that its not too crowded.

By the time we entered that room it was 9.30am and the number was E0220. There were three counters with three officers, 27, 28 and 29. They called the numbers quite fast and I estimated we would be out by 10am, which was pretty accurate.

There the maid must collect her own new passport, just bring the old passport, slip given for passport collection and queue number.

Then we used Grabcar to go home and made it comfortably back home in PJ, and no rush for our evening flight.



Day one, bring:

  1. Photostat copy of employer IC
  2. Photostat copy of maids passport (page 1 with picture and details, page 2 the current visa, page 3 the last page with details of previous passport)
  3. Photostat copy of Malaysian insurance
  4. Photostat copy of Indonesian insurance (RM90)
  5. If proxy, photostat copy of proxy IC and letter from employer authorizing proxy
  6. Maids passport
  7. Maid
  8. RM48 to pay for passport renewal (5 years, 24 pages). I read in one blog that we can renew for 10 years but when ask at the counter they said no such thing, max is 5 years.

When queuing, maid just brought her passport, and copy of Indonesian insurance, and was given Q number.

At the counter she showed her passport, Q number, Indonesian insurance and paid RM48.

At the kontrak kerja, apart from the two copies of contract the embassy provides, must provide:

  1. Photostat copy of employer IC
  2. Photostat copy of Malaysian insurance
  3. Photostat copy of maids passport (the 3 relevant pages)
  4. Maids passport
  5. Proxy letter and photostat IC of proxy (if person other than employer is signing the contract)

Day two, bring:

  1. Passport
  2. Slip for passport collection

That’s it. All the best.