Ok, finally, I have a chance to sit down and write.

It was 9th May 2018.

We woke up early. 4.40am. The plan was to leave and pray subuh en route. Of course with young kids, we actually left right after subuh around 6.30am.

Drove, (ok lah, hubby drove) all the way to Parit Buntar from Kota Bharu, arrived around 11am. Travelling time always takes a bit longer when you have kids because of the unavoidable toilet break.

We passed by the school and saw a queue, (we passed by many schools and flags that morning), so decided to wait a bit.

Arrived at mother in-laws house. All I could do was lie down and rest.

The days before that was not easy either. Our eldest son who is taking the PT3 exam this year, did not want to come with us. He did not want to miss school.

Our daughter, who is still in the first half of primary school, was happy to skip school and come with us.

Hubby had a conference to attend on the 10th & 11th May, that was planned in advanced. What wasn’t planned was the election day.

I had made my decision, I was going to cast my vote for Pakatan Harapan no matter what.

It was my first time voting, so I was pretty excited, my hands were shivering as I made the X and X, first for DUN and second for MP, or was it the other way around? Can’t be sure.

I was probably lying on the bed for about an hour, trying to sleep but awakened by the kids, the noise that erupts when they meet their cousins is difficult to describe.

Took my phone and scrolled FB, some disturbing posts, one friends husband tried to vote but discovered that someone had already voted, then elsewhere the boxes were wrongly labelled lah, ballot papers not chopped. I was beginning to worry so the moment hubby entered the door, I said “lets go”.

We parked right next to the gate. The guard didn’t say anything at first but as I came down from the car, he asked hubby to re-park. But hubby looked and saw there was absolutely no queue.

That’s right. Went straight in.

Hubby had even bought stuff to read/prepare for his talk at the upcoming conference. Yeah, no time for that.

We were in and out in less than five minutes.

No time to selfie while waiting to vote. Sigh. Quick we-fie outside the door right after voting.

Then went back home. Macam anti-klimaks je. Takde feel. Anyway, some others had to queue I think the longest was in Shah Alam, 3 hours and 15 minutes. Others ada lah yang few minutes, one to two hours. Some voted early, others late in the evening. Ada juga yang after 3pm and I read they didn’t get to cast their vote. Entah lah. It was good for us, thank God.

We packed again, this time leave the kids at in-laws and head to Equatorial Penang.

Our daughter insisted to come.

She slept early, at midnight. (That’s actually very late for her). Of course we were all excited to know the polling results but there was nothing at midnight.

Hubby also went to sleep. I was very sleepy too but somehow just couldn’t doze off.

The next three hours was spent watching TV3, facebooking and whatsapping. Many others were not able to sleep either.

Finally, at 3am, TV3 showed Tun M, Muhyiddin and LKS, a press conference stating Pakatan Harapan had won.

It was unbelievable.

The unthinkable had happened.

I needed to stay up to know. It was a historical moment for Malaysia.

Najib had finally lost.

Sure it was a very close competition and it could have gone either way.

I was so thankful that we made the right decision to bring all the kids with us. Tun M had promised that Thursday and Friday would be declared public holidays, much needed to decide the new cabinet etc.

Hubby was confident Pakatan would win. So kids didn’t cut school after all.

Just before I slept at 3am, hubby too had awakened and was checking his WA, our son in Selangor boarding would most likely be able to come home so we decided that I would drive to fetch him tomorrow, if that was the case.

At 7.30am 10th May 2018, the school in Selangor had made official that parents could take their kids home. I left Penang at 8.15am with my daughter. Arrived in Selangor about noon. Picked up my second son. The school had allowed them to leave as early as 10am but even at noon, there were many parents at the gate.

It was tiring because I had not enough sleep, so had to go to my mums house in PJ for a quick break and nap. We left after Asar and arrived in Penang at 8.30pm. Not much time to celebrate or read the news but I was happy to have all the kids together.

The hotel room was a bit crowded so after hubby finished at 10pm, I left with daughter. Had promised to come back in the morning actually to see Baby but that did not happen. So arrived home at about 11.15pm. Not that easy to find the place in the dark!

Next morning, woke up a bit late, took kids and their cousins to the hotel as the younger ones wanted to swim/play in the pool and the bigger ones just wanted to hang out.

Boys left at 1pm for Friday prayers with their dad.

After lunch, the whole room was like a scene from Twister. We quickly checked-out and headed back to Parit Buntar.

It had been a crazy 3 days. 2 days spent travelling across four different states.

The next day, Saturday, hubby just wanted to relax, so it was finally my turn to watch Avengers Infinity War, which I was supposed to watch with my son in Selangor during the last April weekend, but we only made it to visit on May the first, public holiday, which was labour day.

Another crazy day where we left for Selangor right after subuh, about 7.30am, arrived in Selangor around 1.30pm, took our second son out for an outing at Bukit Beruntung TESCO. Must have been my first time at Bukit Beruntung. Scary place. Nothing much there at all, so we ate at the cafeteria? Not even one decent restaurant. I don’t think we’ll go back but we chose it because it was near. After shopping for some groceries at TESCO and Mr DIY, stopped to pray at the nearby Masjid which was very user unfriendly for women, the place to take wudhu was not connected directly with the prayer area, so while dripping with water, you have to put on your tudung and walk to the prayer area. The toilets were not clean either.

I think we left Selangor around 4pm and arrived back in Kota Bharu the same day, 11pm. Yes, never done that before.

But was glad we did. Son needed a haircut. And the following weekend which we had planned to visit, turned out, there was a program so no outing on the Saturday.

So today is the 15th May. Two weeks have passed.

So grateful for all that has happened, especially, the downfall of Najib.

Looking forward to a better Malaysia for all Malaysians.